Red Dead Online - Halloween Pass 2

Welcome to the spookiest of all seasons! Halloween has finally come to Red Dead Online, which means the Halloween Pass 2 is here.

The Halloween Pass 2 costs 20 Gold Bars and comes with 15 tiers of rewards. Of course, if you purchased all four Quick Draw Club passes, you should be getting the Halloween Pass for free. I believe this should come as a coupon that you’ll need to manually redeem, though I haven’t gotten mine yet at the time of this writing.

2022 Update: A lot of folks are confused about this, so I need to clarify that 2022’s Halloween Pass 2 is a repeat of 2021’s. The numbering looks like this:

  • 2020 – Halloween Pass 1
  • 2021 – Halloween Pass 2
  • 2022 – Halloween Pass 2 (Repeat)

How long does the Halloween Pass 2 last?

Red Dead Online - Skeleton Masquerade Mask

The Halloween Pass 2 runs from October 28 to November 22. That gives you plenty of time to unlock all the goodies.

What were previous passes like?

If you want to remind yourself of what we got in previous passes, here are my complete breakdowns:

Check those out to see a full list of rewards in each pass. Also, if you want to know how to purchase the pass, those guides will have you covered. I’ve repeated that info so many times that I’m not going to do that again here. We need to get to the rewards ASAP!

What are the rewards?

Red Dead Online - Cartilage Gloves

If you want to see what’s in the latest Halloween pass, here’s the complete list:

Rank 1

  • 50% off select role items coupon (free)
  • Wooden Swine Mask (premium)

Rank 2

  • Coquatrix Hat (premium)

Rank 3

  • Leather Slaughter Mask (free)
  • Dead Eye Core camera filter (premium)

Rank 4

  • Gibbet Shirt (premium)

Rank 5

  • RDO$100 coupon (free)
  • Provisions Parcel – Contains Potent Miracle Tonics and Thyme Big Game (premium)
  • Wooden Horror Mask (premium)

Rank 6

  • Killerby Gauntlets (premium)

Rank 7

  • Helier Jacket (premium)

Rank 8

  • Ammo Parcel – Contains Throwing Knives, Fire Bottles, Tomahawks, and Dynamite (free)
  • Bound Sheers (premium)

Rank 9

  • Hag Freak Mask (premium)

Rank 10

  • Ammo Parcel – Contains Split Point Ammo for rifle, pistol, repeater, and revolver, as well as Incendiary Buckshot and Fire Arrows (premium)
  • Free Ability Card Upgrade coupon

Rank 11

  • Skeleton Masquerade Mask (free)
  • Goggle Mask (premium)

Rank 12

  • Boucher Coat (premium)

Rank 13

  • Golden Creature Mask (premium)

Rank 14

  • Cartilage Gloves (premium)

Rank 15

  • 50% Off Select Coats coupon (free)
  • Glabella Lantern (premium)
  • Pump-Action Shotgun Variant

Is the Halloween Pass 2 worth it?

Red Dead Online - Glabella Lantern

So, I buy every single pass in Red Dead Online, no matter how good the value is. I generally think that if you can complete each pass and reclaim your Gold Bars, then you might as well buy each pass. With the Halloween Pass, though, you don’t get any of your Gold Bars back.

If you bought all four Quick Draw Club passes, then the Halloween Pass 2 is free, so you might as well claim your rewards.

If you’re super into masks, then you’re going to want to pick up this pass, because it’s loaded with them.

However, if you’re just an ordinary player who didn’t pick up the Quick Draw Club passes and aren’t particularly into masks, you’re probably not going to get much out of this pass. Sure, the skull lantern is kind of cool, but how often do you actually use your lantern in Red Dead Online? The Cartilage Gloves are fun, and the bloody garments are kind of neat for freaking people out, I guess.

It’s a shame that Rockstar decided to pass on the horse masks this time around, as those were one of my favorite things from the previous Halloween passes. It was always cool to get a nice little exclusive thing that you could only get at Halloween.

I don’t know. I actually don’t think this pass is that great. 15 ranks for 20 Gold Bars seems a bit steep, especially when you’re not getting any of that back, and the rewards are mostly masks. If I wouldn’t have picked up all the Quick Draw Club passes already, I might actually consider skipping this one.

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James Morrison
James Morrison
1 year ago

I discovered what it is, The Halloween Pass 2 is the same Halloween pass as last year I completed it last year so I have nothing to do this year.
They didn’t add a new Halloween pass they just repeated last year’s.

1 year ago

i unlocked the pass an copleted the whole thing but still cant get any of the stuff why?

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