Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders

Thanks to Steam’s October Next Fest, I’ve become aware of Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders. Before I get into this sack of goods, I have to point out that this is completely separate from the recently released Robin Hood team shooter, Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Make no mistake, Sherwood Builders is its own animal entirely. As a single-player open-world action-RPG with city building mechanics, Sherwood Builders looks to scratch a number of my gaming itches, as nigh insatiable as those itches may be.

At a glance, the combat resembles Shadow of Mordor and its sequel. Considering combat was the strong suit for those games, this alone is very promising. I love the implementation of slowdown and a more cinematic feel on display in the demo trailer. A mix between sword-slashing and arrow-flinging always makes for a grand ol’ time.

Mind you, I am no Robin Hood stan, and I don’t ultimately want to stick it to the man and thumb my nose at the local sheriff (who, if movies and TV are to be believed, are usually either bumbling or dirty or both, so screw ’em). I might not openly be a huge Robin Hood fanboy, but I am openly a huge fanboy of bows and arrows in video games, so you can check the bow-and-arrow box as a yessiree for me, please. And this might give me a chance to finally roleplay as Kevin Costner — beyond the time I spent with his Robin Hood action figure from the 1990s. I called him Tim.

But I repeat, I am no Robin Hood stan…

The addition of building mechanics and village management are big checkmarks on the “yes, please” and “thank you kindly” boxes in my book (you’ll find those in Chapter 12, on page 89 to be exact). I love gathering resources and actively building up settlements — when it isn’t a huge pain the butt to do so, of course. So building a small community from a mere hut all the way up to a bustling town is music to my ears.

The hands-on nature of actually deciding the trades and skills of the individual inhabitants adds an extra layer. I’m welcoming this with open arms, as too many village-management-lite games stop at just building houses for NPCs before calling it a day.

There is no release date or window yet for Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders, so it could be a while before it releases, but based on what I’ve seen so far, it looks closer to finished than not. You can check out a trailer below or mosey over to Steam and add it to your wishlist. If you act fast, you might still be able to get in on the demo, but like, act lightning fast.

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