Breakwaters is an upcoming game that blends island survival mechanics with The Wind Waker-style sailing and Shadow of the Colossus-style battles against massive Titans. To top it all off, it features some really malleable water physics. This is something that several of us at Half-Glass Gaming have been drooling over for a while.

The game was speculatively going to enter its Early Access phase at some point in October, but here we are in November and the game is not out yet. But we do finally have a date — it was announced this morning that Breakwaters will be entering Early Access on Steam on December 9, 2021 (with possible console releases in the future).

While it can be disappointing to have to wait longer for something you’re really excited about, there are usually good reasons that games are delayed. In the case of Breakwaters, it’s because the game’s beta period uncovered some critical bugs that need to be addressed before launch. The good news is that this gives the developers at Soaring Pixels more time for polish.

Here’s a list of game features, straight from today’s press release:

  • Online co-op and single player.
  • The largest ocean simulation in a game ever that creates a unique interactive open-world experience.
  • Defeat Titans as large as an island and fight Golems as big as a house.
  • Gather crystals and refine them into items that displace and deform the ocean revealing rich resources below.
  • Build structures that interact with the world-scale ocean simulation; turn a valley into a lake or open the doors and flood the lowlands.
  • Craft items to suit your play style, whether it be farmer, explorer, or adventurer.
  • Build and customize your boat to handle Titans, rough weather, and local enemies.
  • A massive world filled with procedural islands and unique biomes.
  • Dynamic time of day and weather.

And here’s the latest trailer:

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