Forza Horizons 5

When I first started playing Forza Horizon 4, I made an incredible discovery: You can choose “My Lord” as a name, and the game will audibly refer to you as such at every opportunity. And I have to say, there’s something really satisfying about having a soothing electronic voice constantly calling you “My Lord.”

Because Forza Horizon 4 was set in England, I was a bit worried that the whole “My Lord” thing would be dropped in Forza Horizon 5, which is set in Mexico. Part of me suspected that “My Lord” was just a bit of British flavor to go with the setting, and that once the series moved back out of the UK, it would be forsaken.

So when I fired up Forza Horizon 5, one of the very first things I did was dig through the nicknames. The default name seems to be “Champion” (though I’m not sure if there’s an element of randomness to this), but I quickly scrolled the the M section of this robust list.

Forza Horizons 5 - My Lord

And there it was, sitting there all beautiful and proper in the Nicknames menu.

It’s still satisfying to be called “My Lord” by Anna, the game’s A.I. GPS feature. This is especially true when you’re driving around in an expensive car and dressed up in a chicken suit. However, I’m a little disappointed that all the other game characters, including the Horizon radio DJs, will only refer to me as “Superstar.” Sure, it was probably a bit too much to ask, having every voice actor in the game speak every one of these names so they could be interjected into virtually every voiced sequence of the game, but being called “Superstar” just feels a bit cheesy.

Being called “My Lord” by a slightly robotic British voice? That’s where it’s at.

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