Final Fantasy XIV - Endwalker

So, everyone’s experience trying to log into Final Fantasy XIV has been a bit different, it seems. For me, the queues weren’t bad at all on Friday or Saturday morning, after patch 6.0 and Endwalker early access launched. I just woke up a little bit early, logged into Famfrit, which is the server I play on, and all was gravy.

Sunday morning was a different beast altogether. I had considered logging in before I hopped in the shower, but I figured that was unnecessary. My wait time the previous two days was just a few minutes, like any other day. By the time I did get into the queue, there were about 750 players in line in front of me. This means that the server was completely full, and 750 players would have to log out (or disconnect) before the game would let me in.

To be fair, Square Enix warned us about this in a lengthy post on the Lodestone blog. In fact, I even wrote an article called “Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Login Queues Are Going to Be Wild.” I should have been fully prepared for this. However, the first two days gave me a false sense of security, and now I’m kicking myself for not attempting the login earlier.

Additionally, there are folks who are complaining about much longer waits, some sitting behind 5,000+ other players. I’m not in that boat. Famfrit just doesn’t seem like it’s been hit as hard as some of the other servers.

I did roll a Reaper, one of Endwalker’s new classes, so I’m itching to get into the game and start reapin’. Plus, I’m only about halfway through the Shadowbringers expansion, so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do before I can even experience a lot of the goodies that the Endwalker expansion offers, like the new story and brand-new zones.

Oh wait, what is this?

Final Fantasy XIV - Login Queue

It looks like my time has finally come, folks. I’ll see you on the other side!

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