Hitman 3 - Winter Roadmap

The holidays are here, and it seems Hitman 3 is the gift that won’t stop giving. Yes, even though the Seven Deadly Sins content seasons have wrapped up, IO Interactive is keeping the fresh content coming for the rest of the year. They’ve recently revealed a brand new content roadmap to let us know what to expect as we close down 2021.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the fact that the Holiday Hoarders event is finally here — and it’s permanent. Players can finally earn Agent 47’s Santa outfit. Plus, on January 3, we’re getting the Hokkaido Snow Festival, which is another permanent holiday event that features some classy new unlocks (the Ice Pick and the Snow Festival Suit). It looks like the holidays never end for IO Interactive!

Plus, if you missed any of the Hitman 3 Elusive Contracts, you’re in for a holiday treat, as IO is re-releasing one every Friday until midway through January.

And if that’s not enough, we’re also getting new Featured Contracts from Urben and Frote7’s Speedrun Community.

Hitman 3 - Winter Roadmap

Here’s the full Hitman 3 content schedule for the holiday season:

November 22

  • Dubai is free for all players – Expires December 5

November 30

  • Holiday Hoarders permanent holiday event

December 3

  • The Ascensionist (Elusive Target on Dubai) – Expires December 9

December 10

  • The Collector (Elusive Target on Dartmoor) – Expires December 16

December 17

  • The Iconoclast (Elusive Target on Mendoza) – Expires December 23

December 21

  • Urben’s Holiday Special Curated Contracts

December 24

  • The Liability (Elusive Target on Berlin) – Expires December 30

December 31

  • The Heartbreaker (Elusive Target on Mendoza) – Expires January 6

January 3

  • Hokkaido Snow Festival permanent holiday event

January 7

  • The Procurers (Elusive Target on Dartmoor) – Expires January 13

January 13

  • Frote7’s Speedrun Community Curated Contracts

January 14

  • The Rage (Elusive Target on Chongqing) – Expires January 19

If you want to check out the trailer for the holiday festivities, here you go!

And that’s not the end of the road. IO has recently committed to an entire second year of Hitman 3 content. Keep ’em comin’, IO!

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