Minecraft - TrixyBlox

So, I do realize I’m about a year late to this particular party, but man oh man, is this a spectacle to behold.

YouTuber TrixyBlox specializes in complex Minecraft builds, creating some jaw-dropping creations within everybody’s favorite blocky sandbox game. But the underground elven kingdom, which took a year to make, just might be the absolute pinnacle of Minecraft builds. I never imagined that you could do something this massive and beautiful with the game’s limited creation tools. TrixyBlox is some sort of mad genius, I think.

While the screenshots show a little bit of what’s on offer here, you really do have to see it in motion to wrap your head around the sheer scale of this project. Thankfully, the whole process is detailed in an hour-long video. Yes, the video is more than an hour long, and justifiably so. This is a massive undertaking, and you really need some time to absorb the creative vision on display here.

Besides, if you want a short Minecraft video, there’s always the classic “Minecraft Is Just Awesome” video, which I go back and rewatch on a fairly regular basis.

Minecraft - TrixyBlox

But if you’re willing to buckle in and sit down for the full experience, there’s a lot to be wowed by here. It’s some of the smaller details that really drive home how ambitious and cool this project is. I really admire the use of spent campfires to create rickety wooden paths, and I like the use of crimson slabs to create asymmetrical roofs for the various houses. These are just two tricks I plan to experiment with in my own Minecraft world.

Now, there were some mods used to create this. The massive stalagmites aren’t something you would find generating naturally in the world, and there’s a mod here that makes the water look more… well, watery. And, of course, this was made in Creative Mode rather than Survival. But still, I can’t stop marveling at just how impressive this project is.

I’m sure TrixyBlox doesn’t need Half-Glass Gaming to signal boost their channel — this video already has more than 7 million views, after all. But I’m going to do it anyway. Go subscribe to TrixyBlox’s channel on YouTube, and check out the hour-long elven kingdom video below.

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