Internet Cafe Simulator 2

You’ll spend a lot of time waiting around in Internet Cafe Simulator, especially in the earlier parts of the game. Thankfully, you’ve got the in-game version of the internet to keep you occupied. You can even buy and sell cryptocurrency if you’d like, and possibly make even more cash (or just lose loads of it).

Buying cryptocurrency in the game is actually super easy, so I’ll quickly walk you through it. (Note: This guide is just focused on buying and selling. If you’re interested in mining your own Bitcoin, you’ll want to check out my mining guide.)

First, go to your computer, and click on the WWW icon. This should open up a list of apps. One of those apps is just called CRYPTO, and that’s the one you’re looking for. Click on that.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2

Now, you should be shown a list of different cryptocurrencies. You’ll need to click on the box that says “Enter amount,” then type in the amount you want to purchase. Keep in mind that Bitcoin costs $33,000 at the beginning of the game, so you won’t be able to buy it. In real life, you could buy something like 0.0012, but in Internet Cafe Simulator, it doesn’t seem like the crypto menu understands decimal points. So if you want to buy Bitcoin specifically, you’ll need to have at least $33,000 on hand, which won’t happen until you’re pretty deep in the game. Personally, I went with Dogecoin myself, and I made a pretty tidy profit.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2

Now, you just have to click “Buy.”

If you want to sell, you’ll need to click on the Portfolio tab.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2

The process of selling is the reverse of buying. Simply type in the quantity you want to sell, then click the “Sell” button. If you want to just sell all of your holdings of any particular cryptocurrency, simply click the “Sell All” button.

And that’s really all there is to it. That’s how you buy and sell cryptocurrencies within Internet Cafe Simulator 2.

Of course, if you don’t want to buy your crypto, you can actually mine Bitcoin. The process is a bit more complicated than simple buying and selling, but thankfully, I’ve created a full guide to Bitcoin mining, so check that out if you really want to get into the world of cryptocurrency trading.

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dis good simulaton

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