If you play through the tutorial in Internet Cafe Simulator 2, you’ll learn how to set up your first computer and start servicing customers. However, you can also buy gaming consoles, and the tutorial doesn’t even mention that. So here’s a complete guide to setting up gaming consoles in Internet Cafe Simulator 2.

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the Zamazor app, which is in the WWW section of your computer. When you’re in the store, you’ll want to scroll to the Desks section. Here, you’ll notice that on top of desks, there are also console tables. You’ll want to buy one of those.

Once you set up a console table, there will be an interface that lets you know everything you’ll need in order to get it all working.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2

In case you need help deciphering these icons, the first one is a gaming console (why on Earth does it have a crank? Or is that a cable?) But you’ll also need two controllers (it won’t work with a single controller, for some reason), a chair, and a TV. Note that this last one needs to be a TV and not a monitor. TVs can be purchased in their own section on Zamazor; they are not in the monitors section of the shop. The benefit of a TV over a monitor, though, is that it can be wall-mounted so it won’t take up table space.

Once you buy all of that stuff, you’ll need to make sure that the console and controllers are on the table, the TV is mounted on the wall above the table, and the chair is positioned so that someone could use it to play the console. If you’ve done it all correctly, the TV should display whatever wallpaper you have set as your default.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2

Consoles function exactly like computer stations. Someone will sit down, and that will trigger a notification. You’ll have to manually unlock the device (from your in-game computer) before they can play it, then they’ll be charged based on how long they play.

Now, there’s one more thing to know about. If you find that no one’s using your consoles, you might need to install some games. That’s what the in-game Steem app is for, and each commercial license will cost $120. You can install the Steem app by going to your WWW app on your in-game computer, then going to Apps.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2

Once you have that open, you’ll have the option to install a bunch of different apps. The one you’re looking for is Steem. And once you open Steem, you can browse a pretty robust selection of games.

And yes, this means that if you buy a game on Steem, it will be able to be played on the console. The gentleman in the image below, for example, is playing an Internet Cafe Simulator version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2

You can also set up arcade machines if you’d like. Those don’t require anything but some floor space, and you don’t have to activate them or anything. That makes them really convenient for early-game moneymaking, because you won’t have to micromanage them. Every time a customer plays an arcade game, you’ll earn $120.

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about setting up a gaming console in Internet Cafe Simulator 2. If you’re looking to start playing the cryptocurrency market in the game, I also have guides on buying crypto and setting up your Bitcoin mining operation.

Good luck out there, champ!

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