Mortal Sin

On today’s episode of I Wish More Games Looked Like This… we’re taking a peak at Mortal Sin from developer Nikola Todorovic.

The game is filled with creepy imagery and monstrous enemies. It’s almost like a cross between the stylish Boomerang X and the Nicolas Cage-led film Mandy. It’s absolutely bloody and bonkers-looking in all the best ways.

Beyond the cool look, Mortal Sin is described as an action-horror roguelike, and there seems to be a lot of fast-paced craziness going on, as evidenced in the Steam trailer and screenshots. Just by looking at it, you might be reminded of Superhot, which featured rapid first-person hack-and-slash gameplay. In addition to chopping your enemies to bits, it looks like you’ll do a bit of weapons crafting, too.

Though an exact release date has yet to be revealed, it seems the game is coming to PC soon, with a current release window set for Q1 2022. For more, check out Mortal Sin on Steam, or check out the trailer below.

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