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Do you want to know how much time you spent playing video games in 2021? Well, if you’ve been playing on PlayStation, and you have a morbid sense of curiosity, then you can use PlayStation Wrap-Up (via the PlayStation website) to check in on your game time.

For example, my Wrap-Up claims I played 44 games and spent a total of 2,611 hours playing those games in 2021. For all that time, I earned a whopping 736 Trophies.

Okay, I don’t think I actually wanted to know that.

That’s an absurd amount of time. Now, to be fair, I do write about video games for a living. While Half-Glass Gaming isn’t the only website I write for, it is the one I spend a majority of my time on. So it’s not exclusively my full-time job, but it’s a majority of my full-time job, if that makes sense. And when you write about video games for a living, you’re naturally going to spend a lot of time playing video games. You really have to.

I mean, you don’t write guides like this one — or this one — without sinking ungodly amounts of time into those games.

Also, I had some health issues that kept me grounded for a while in the second half of the year, and then the Omicron COVID variant hit, driving a lot of us back inside (especially those of us with other health issues). If you have a gaming console, you’re going to use it when you’re stuck inside. That’s just inevitable.

So yeah, I spent a lot of time playing video games in 2021. Here’s a breakdown of what I spent that time on:

PlayStation Wrap-Up

Because the text in the image above is really, really tiny, here’s what it says:

  • Final Fantasy XIV (PS5) – 885 hours
  • Hitman 3 (PS4/PS5) – 336 hours
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) – 236 hours
  • No Man’s Sky (PS4/PS5) – 172 hours
  • Death Stranding Director’s Cut (PS5) – 137 hours

Apparently, a majority of my game time was spent with older games. And that scans, I suppose, considering the first thing I do when I set up a new gaming console is install Red Dead Redemption 2 and No Man’s Sky. Oh, and usually Minecraft too (I did play a lot of Minecraft last year, but I played it on Xbox so it doesn’t show up on this list).

I did have a bit of a falling out with Red Dead Online last year, but it was my most played game of 2020 by far. In fact, the almost 900 hours that I spent with Final Fantasy XIV this year pretty much just replaced the almost 900 hours I spent with Red Dead Online in 2020. And, while I did play a considerable amount of No Man’s Sky, I’m actually kind of surprised that my playtime reached 172 hours — it certainly didn’t feel like that much.

What’s really wild about all of this is that I also picked up a gaming laptop and an Xbox Series S in 2021, so my PlayStation time is only a fraction of my game time for the year.

If you play on PlayStation, you can check out your 2021 Wrap-Up at If you end up checking it out, you’ll also earn yourself a free set of avatars.

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