Dying Light 2

If you’re anything like me (and lord help you if you are…), then you probably love taking photos in video games. I’ve amassed so many screenshots, most of which I’ll never do anything with or probably ever even look at, yet I can’t stop taking more. And the more video games allow me to capture these moments unhindered by any onscreen clutter or HUDs, the more I take those photos. I will still begrudgingly take screenshots if there are mission markers, minimaps, or weapon stats displayed on the screen, but I tend to take far fewer of them in those cases.

So whenever I play a game that seems ripe for the screenshot pickings, only to find there is no dedicated photo mode, well, needless to say, it is a bit of a letdown. And that is sadly the case for Dying Light 2: Stay Human. It’s a shame, really, because even though I do have some gripes with the latest entry in developer Techland’s zombie-parkour magnum opus, how it looks is not one of them.

Usually, in instances when there is no available photo mode, I will go so far as to drop into the settings and meticulously uncheck or remove every element of on-screen clutter at my disposal in order to capture that perfect shot. Unfortunately, Dying Light 2‘s HUD options are frustratingly limited.

Dying Light 2 - HUD options

Techland has said they are planning to implement a full-fledged photo mode down the road, and explained that they didn’t ship one with the game to avoid further QA testing. Considering how many delays the game has gotten already, I can’t begrudge them for not including it, thus risking bringing down the entire house of cards. But the omission is still noticeable.

Needless to say, I will continue to take screenshots because this is a sickness. But once a photo mode goes live, the floodgates will officially be opened and photo season will finally commence in earnest.

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