Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2: Stay Human, you’ll probably encounter a small group of survivors huddled around a campfire. While some of them are silent and somber, others will tell tales or give full-on performances. But did you know that some of them also sing songs?

I was scooting about Villedor when I saw that familiar book icon pop up on my screen. Because I’ve been really interested in documenting as many of these encounters as possible, I climbed up onto the rooftop to check this one out. When I got there, a woman started singing a song about the Nightrunners (praise to the Nightrunners!)

Because I’ve been transcribing every single one of these campfire encounters, I’ll write out the lyrics to this haunting song:

There are some not afraid of the coming night,
As the sun’s going down, as the darkness falls.
They decide to set out and fight,
As the stars shine with their blessed light.

Their gifts are great but the price is steep.
Keep your coins, folks, they are of no use,
For the cost is loneliness and grief,
Haunting you so long as you breathe.

We weave this tale though all is lost.
‘Tis but a myth we sing for hope.
Protectors of the weak no more,
The Nightrunners are long gone.

Banish all your fears and burn all your books.
You must throw aside all that you yearn.
Once you’ve sworn the Nightrunners oath,
There will be no more way back home.

Though you may believe they are all long gone,
Seek, they say, and you shall always find.
And fear not, you’ll never run alone.
Their return shall bring forth hope once more.

We weave this tale, not all is lost.
‘Tis sung for those who need it most.
Protectors of the weak live on.
The Nightrunners are not gone.

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7 months ago

do we know whos the singer? like the VA?

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