Infernax seems like a simple Metroidvania game on the surface, but once you dig in, you’ll realize how complicated and multi-faceted it actually is, with branching story paths and an enormous amount of content that you’ll almost certainly miss on your first playthrough.

With so much to see and do in this game, there is an abundance of Trophies to earn within its brutal world. So here’s a complete list of every Trophy in Infernax.

I want to be clear here: I’m about to list every single Trophy in the game, including the ones that are hidden. If you want to avoid spoilers and go into the game as blindly as possible, then turn back now. If you’re cool seeing some slightly spoiler-ish things, then feel free to continue.

  • Lord of this World (Platinum) – Unlock all other trophies
  • Master of the Pit (Bronze) – Defeat Mahalmon, The Spewer of Lies
  • Regurgitated Guts (Bronze) – Defeat Kalamon, The Glutton of Pain
  • Holy Diver (Bronze) – Defeat Leviathan, The Sunken Corruptor
  • Only a Heartbeat Away (Bronze) – Defeat Apollyon, The Cursed Cherubim
  • King of the Rotten (Silver) – Defeat Alastor, The Hope Devourer
  • Flames of Armageddon (Gold) – Defeat Belphegor, The Father of Destruction
  • A Good Day to Die (Bronze) – Complete good playthrough
  • Cursed to Crawl (Silver) – Complete evil playthrough
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name (Bronze) – Complete ultimate good playthrough
  • Reign in Blood (Silver) – Complete ultimate evil playthrough
  • Madness at the Core of Time (Gold) – Travel to the future and defeat Azazel
  • Free Will Sacrifice (Gold) – Complete the game as good after turning evil
  • Slaves of Pain (Silver) – Obtain the final weapon
  • Hammer Smashed Face (Bronze) – Learn the Guided Strike Skill
  • Guilty of Innocence (Bronze) – Have Gregor perform and exorcism
  • I Am the Law (Gold) – Slay Sir Tancred
  • Devoid of Redemption (Silver) – Begin down the path of evil
  • The Armor of Ire (Silver) – Obtain the final armor
  • Trial by Fire (Silver) – Get the Necronomicon from Robert’s cold dead hands
  • Call from the Grave (Silver) – Defeat Paimon again
  • Behind the Wall of Sleep (Bronze) – Cleanse the dreamscape
  • Master of the Wind (Bronze) – Summon the tornado
  • Sins of Omission (Bronze) – Leave all the work to Tancred
  • Too Scared to Scream (Bronze) – Listen to Hans’ story… ALL OF IT
  • Imaginations from the Other Side (Silver) – Enter a code in the Game Wizard book
  • Revelation of Judgment Day (Bronze) – Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right….etc
  • Set the World Afire (Bronze) – Save at all statues after becoming evil
  • Thunderstruck (Bronze) – Defeat 5 enemies with one Thunder/Fire storm
  • Premonition of Pain (Bronze) – Reflect a projectile and defeat 3 enemies
  • Here Come the Tears (Gold) – Complete the game on Classic Mode
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