Infernax - Possessed Man

At some point in the second half of Infernax (this event seems to be available once you’ve cleared the Stormheim Castle dungeon), you’ll run into a priest named Julius to the west of Darsov. He’ll tell you to hurry back to the cathedral, because they need your help.

When you go back to the cathedral, go into the bedchambers to find a man possessed by a demon. Father Henry will tell you to fetch a man named Gregor, because only Gregor can perform the exorcism.

Gregor can be a little tricky to find, because he lives in a secret underground chamber in the Tohan Passage. Here’s exactly where he’s located:

Infernax - Map to Gregor

Now, to get there, you’ll need to travel through the Tohan Passage at night. You’ll find a man who transforms into a werewolf, and you’ll need to kill him. For putting him out of his misery, he thanks you by opening up a secret passage that will take you to Gregor.

Talk to Gregor, and he’ll agree to perform the exorcism. You’ll automatically teleport there, Gregor will perform the ritual, and you’ll receive a paltry 50 gold. You will also get the Guilty of Innocence Trophy/Achievement for this.

Now, there’s another possessed man in Darsov, so I’ll give you the skinny on that quest as well.

Infernax - Genevieve

You’ll meet a woman named Genevieve in the house next to the blacksmith in Darsov. She asks you to help her husband, who is in a shack beneath her house. To get to the shack, simply walk over the the platform next to Genevieve’s house and press down and jump at the same time. You’ll drop through the platform into a small cave.

To cure the weathered man, you’re going to need the Holy Light spell, which you’ll get in the Kadjanto Stronghold dungeon. This is pretty close to the end of the game, so you’ll have to leave the man hanging for a while. When you finally do clear Kadjanto Stronghold and get Holy Light, use the spell to cure him. He will give you a potion flask as a reward.

And that’s how you help both of the possessed men in Infernax!

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1 year ago

Amazing guide, pretty much first on the internet so great job 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

It’s like Simon’s quest but not terrible, heh just kidding its amazing with its attention to detail. I must say I love your guides I can see passion and dedication behind every single article and it helped me with game progression greatly, also now I know I want to do ultimate good ending because thanks to you I know that it even exists 🙂

Jordan Rossen
Jordan Rossen
7 months ago

Thanks for the tips! Sad that this is leaving Game Pass.

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