No Man's Sky - Nintendo Switch

I’ve very recently made a list of things No Man’s Sky could do to win me back. See, I’ve invested 600 hours or so into this massive space exploration game, so I’m a bit burned out on it. But one thing I didn’t put on that list was a Nintendo Switch release. Of course, that’s mostly because I never imagined such a thing was possible.

But today, at the February Nintendo Direct, it was announced that No Man’s Sky is actually coming to Switch this summer.

I have so many questions. How is this even going to run (No Man’s Sky is already showing its age on PS4)? Will this be a dumbed-down version? Will it still be cross-platform? Will it include exclusive Nintendo-themed content? I have no idea.

What I do know is that No Man’s Sky is incredibly addictive, and it’s a good addition to the Switch’s lineup — so long as it actually works, I mean.

If you don’t believe me (and you should definitely be skeptical), here’s the official trailer:

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