Post Void

Post Void originally released on Steam back in August of 2020, where the game currently sees an overwhelmingly positive rating, with over 5k reviews — not too shabby. Now, developer and publisher YCJY Games is planning to bring this fast-paced electronic acid trip of a game to the PS5 and PS4 this spring.

Post Void originally slipped by me, but with this new trailer searing its way into my brain, it has certainly made an impression and garnered my curiosity. The description for the game on the PlayStation Blog post boils down to this:

The rules are simple: with a pistol in one hand and an idol containing your health in the other, you have just one objective: Be fast.

That sounds like it’s certainly in keeping with the tone of earlier first-person shooters like Doom, Postal, and Duke Nukem, albeit with a heaping helping of tear-inducing garishness slathered on it for good measure. If 1980s hardcore punk rock music transformed into a video game, I feel like this would be that game.

Considering it is currently going for $2.99 on Steam, I will be curious to see what price point it ends up with on PlayStation — perhaps it will launch as a free PSN game.

Either way, you can check out the trailer below, but don’t take the photosensitive warning lightly if you are at all at risk.

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