The xScreen from Upspec Gaming is a “portable” 11.6″ IPS screen that can attach to the back of the Xbox Series S (Series X owners need not apply). It’s a pretty nifty little device that makes the prospect of taking the home console on the road a slightly more plausible option.

With 1080p resolution at 60hz, the optimal output for the Series S, you won’t be sacrificing quality for portability. And according to the Upspec order page, this thing is set to start shipping around the end of February (coincidentally, the same timeframe as the first batch of Steam Decks).

Since the screen literally just folds down to lie flat atop the Series S, you don’t have to worry about having to transport it in addition to the console — it only adds a few inches to the console’s already slim and compact design. This should make it easier to just slide it into a laptop bag or backpack and hit the bricks. Heck, you can even get a briefcase-esque xScreen carrying case for an additional $60 if you want to feel like a stock broker bigwig on the go.

Although the Kickstarter window has closed, which granted a discounted early buy-in price, you can still secure one for $249 USD. That’s a bit steep, considering the Series S itself only runs $299. However, if you want to experience gaming on the go and you don’t have a gaming laptop, or you don’t want to be locked to a smaller screen via the Nintendo Switch or the upcoming, beefier Valve Steam Deck (which can plugged into a larger monitor or TV, but obviously that requires a larger monitor or TV), this could be the answer to your prayers.

It’ll be interesting to see how well this thing sells and whether or not Microsoft will try to eat its lunch with their own, dedicated version. I personally tend to not bring my gaming with me on the go, especially if I’m going on holiday (I’m a bit of an Americana-tourist-trap aficionado rather than a stay-in-the-hotel-and-game kind of guy), so I don’t foresee this joining my growing stable of console peripherals. I have to admit, though, I would be curious to see it in action.

You can check out a video of the xScreen in action below.

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