Coromon - Beth

In the peaceful village of Hayville in Coromon, you’ll get Perrin to upgrade your gauntlet as part of the main story quest. (You’ll meet the tiresome know-it-all Jebediah in the meantime…) Once that’s done, you’ll be approached by Beth, who has a favor to ask of you.

Apparently, some of the Swurmy she was raising got super aggressive, then evolved into Beezel and flew off. Beth wants you to subdue six Beezel that have spread out across town. Once you hear her out, you’ll kick off the side quest “Beezel Breakout.”

To complete this quest, simply approach all six Beezel and engage them in battle. They’re going to be level 8 (if you’re playing on Normal), so it’s possible you’ll want to grind a few levels on your Coromon before you attempt to subdue the Beezel.

Now, a few of these can be pretty tricky to find, so I’m going to show you where all six Beezel are in Hayville.

Beezel by the well

Coromon - Beezel

The first Beezel is just a few feet away from where you talked to Beth, near the well that’s next to the library. You really can’t miss this one.

Beezel in the corn

Coromon - Beezel

Next up, you’ll find a Beezel just to the right of where you protected Perrin from another attacking Beezel earlier. It’s in the cornfield to the left of the big pond. This one can be a little tricky to see because it’s roughly the same color as the pumpkins that are in the nearby field.

Beezel in the bedroom

Coromon - Beezel

This is the Beezel that gives a lot of people trouble (though, to be fair, Beth does say that the Beezel might even be inside someone’s house). Once you’ve taken care of the Beezel in the corn, go into the house to the left of the cornfield. There’s a Beezel in the bedroom.

Beezel Behind Perrin’s House

Coromon - Beezel

The next Beezel is behind Perrin’s house, in a forested area. You’ll want to go inside of Perrin’s house, then go out the back door to get into the backyard. In order to reach the Beezel, you’re going to need to use the Push module (which Perrin installed on your gauntlet) to move one of the logs.

As a side note: If you move the other log, you can reach a chest that contains two Plain Spinners.

Beezel in the Hay

Coromon - Beezel

You should be able to see this next Beezel from Perrin’s backyard. To get to it, you’ll want to exit out the front door of Perrin’s house, then walk to your right. The next house is Noah’s, and you’ll need to go around the right-hand side of the house to get to the field behind it.

Beezel on the road

Coromon - Beezel

The final Beezel is in the middle of the road out past Noah’s house (on the right-hand edge of town). This is the easiest one to locate, with the exception of the one by the well.

Once you’ve defeated all six Beezel, you can find Beth inside the trainer hub in Hayville (where you would go to heal your party). For all your hard work, Beth will give you a Stinky Disc, which reduces your encounter rate in the wild (so long as it’s being held by your party leader).

And that’s how you complete the “Beezel Breakout” quest in Coromon!

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