Elden Ring - Glowing Skull

If you’ve played Elden Ring for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that it has an obsession with skulls. You’ll find human skulls all across the world, some of which have glowing eyes and some of which don’t. So what’s up with these?

Well, it took me an embarrassingly long time to actually figure out what was going on here. But, in my defense, I’ve not seen this mentioned anywhere else (and I’ve watched countless tips and tricks videos at this point), so I’m guessing that not a lot of people have figured it out yet. That, or I’m just watching the wrong videos.

Anyway, whenever you see a skull in the world, if its eyes are glowing, it can be cracked open for a Golden Rune. So far, I’ve only seen the first-tier Golden Rune drop this way, but I admit that I’ve certainly not seen everything Elden Ring has to offer at this point (I’m about 65 hours deep at this point, but I did spend a lot of that time running ridiculous armor-farming experiments). It’s quite possible there will be more lucrative skulls in the later portion of the game.

You can crack these open with any melee weapon, but the easiest way to smash these skulls is to just trample them with Torrent.

The payout isn’t great, as a bottom-tier Golden Rune only grants you 200 runes, and there are much, much better ways to farm them. Still, the item-version of a rune stockpile is certainly not the worst thing to have in this game; because your Golden Runes will be retained upon death, you won’t have to go chasing them down like your standard runes. So if you see a glowing skull, smash it open and claim its goodies.

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about these glowing skulls in Elden Ring.

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