Infernax - Path of Drowsiness

I’ve done pretty thorough guides for Infernax‘s main endings. You can shoot on over to this guide for a handy little index to the Ultimate Good, Ultimate Evil, and “True” endings. However, there are some that I missed, as thorough as I may have been in my eight-plus playthroughs of this incredible little game.

(Oh, and if you want to check out an interview with the developers, my fellow Half-Glass Gamer Dave chatted with them for a bit. Check that out here!)

Thankfully, Half-Glass Gaming readers have clued me in to two more endings. I can’t take credit for discovering these two endings, but since the game has been out for three weeks now, and I still haven’t seen any online guides for these, I figured I’d post instructions for Infernax completionists.

Path of Drowsiness

Infernax - Path of Drowsiness

Thanks to readers Aard Wolf, Mavakith, and Dacevor for pointing this one out.

The Path of Drowsiness is pretty simple, and you can do it at any point in your adventure. Just go to an inn, then sleep for three whole days. That’s six consecutive sleeps. This should work in any inn, with some caveats:

In Kastki, you can’t sleep in the inn during the night until you send soldiers there to keep the demons out. This happens in the later part of the Ultimate Good questline.

Also, if you’ve flooded Arkos, you can no longer stay in that specific inn (because it’s on the bottom level of the town).

Once you’ve slept for three whole days, you’ll see the Path of Drowsiness ending and get a new book for your library.

Path of the Coward

Infernax - Path of the Coward

Thanks to reader Mandolin for pointing this one out.

Path of the Coward is another super simple one. Start a brand-new game. You’ll want to get off the boat, kill the very first monster (the Crucified), then go back to the boat. Talk to the captain and get out of there for another ending and another book in your collection.

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Brian Schafler
Brian Schafler
1 year ago

Am i doing something wrong on path of the coward? The guy on the bot never gives me the option to leave. He just tells me ill drown if i jump in the water then eventually leaves the boat if i talk to him too much

Brian Schafler
Brian Schafler
1 year ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

So i got it to work but i had to lure the enemy to the boat, like the captain needed to see me fight the first monster for the prompt to change

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