I’ve been a big fan of snowboarding games ever since the very first Cool Boarders on PSOne, so Shredders has been on my radar for a while now. This comes from the folks at Foam Punch, and it’s going to be available on Xbox Series X|S and Steam on March 17. The retail price is $29.99, but this will also be available on Game Pass for Xbox.

Personally, I cannot wait to strap in, then carve and flip my way to success in this game’s wintery wonderland.

Here’s a list of features, straight from a recent press release:

  • Huge unlockable OPEN WORLD: The huge horizon is full of amazing lines, features, and gorgeous scenery, and the snow is always fresh!
  • Shred with a top selection of PRO RIDERS: With their real voices and stories, this is as real snowboarding as it gets.
  • Master DIVERSE LOCATIONS: Shredders is for powder fanatics and park rats, for urban street snowboarders and backcountry explorers. All areas are inspired by snowboarding movies and optimized for maximum fun.
  • Ride with your unique STYLE: No snowboarding game has ever been created with this level of control. Every move feels amazing from gorgeous 180s with Jamie Anderson, to lawn darts with Sebbe De Buck, and knuckle huck tricks with Marcus Kleveland.
  • EPIC MISSIONS: With the help of your pal Scotty you’ll meet pros, learn their moves and shine!
  • Play online and SHRED TOGETHER with friends: With multiplayer built into its core, you’ll be hitting the top spots with your buddies. Let’s drop!
  • LIFELIKE ANIMATIONS inspired by pro boarders: Snowboarding has never been this fluid. Feel the flow!
  • Stacks of snowboarding brands and REAL EQUIPMENT: Plenty of fresh real-world gear has been carefully digitized and prepped for you in Shredders. You’re guaranteed to look good.

And here’s a game trailer to further whet your appetite for the upcoming winter sports action of Shredders:

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