I was given a review code for Foam Punch’s snowboarding game Shredders, which means I played it before launch. I wrote a whole review about the experience I had with it (you can read that right here).

And then the funniest thing happened…

Shortly after my review went live, I noticed there was a massive day-one patch for Shredders. My Xbox Series S estimated that this thing clocked in at about 7GB. That’s no small thing for a game that this same Xbox claims takes up 9GB of space after the patch was applied.

So I hopped back into the game, and I have to say that it feels faster. In my review, I mentioned that I would love to play this at about 1.3x the current speed, and it feels like I pretty much got my wish.

Now, I can’t say what changed. So far, I have not seen patch notes (I did ask for them in the Shredders Discord, but I haven’t seen a response yet). It’s also possible I’m imagining this whole thing…

But I don’t think I am. Half-Glass Gaming’s Morgan McCandless watched me play both the pre-patch version and the post-patch version, and she agreed with me that it looked speedier and snappier. So I have to acknowledge that Shredders feels better after the patch. It really does. That odd, soupy feeling is gone, and there’s a better sense of momentum.

The menu? That still looks awful. And you still can’t change the controller layout. But the actual gameplay feels so much better, and I have to commend Foam Punch for addressing this so quickly.

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