Exoprimal - Poop

I might have the body of a forty-year-old, but my mind can still be very juvenile. I’m not proud of this, but I have come to terms with the fact that gutter humor will still tickle me right in the funny bone. They say some people are just young at heart — for me, I’m mostly just young at fart jokes.

So while watching the reveal trailer for Capcom’s upcoming dino-shoot-athon game Exoprimal, I couldn’t help but get fixated on one stupid element, above and beyond the rest of the stupid stuff on display in the trailer.

First off, what is Exoprimal? Well, Half-Glass Gaming’s owner and Editor-in-Chief Josh has already touched on much of what we know so far. But for a quick recap; think Anthem meets Dino Crisis in an Earth Defense Force co-op package. Here’s the trailer in question:

Throughout this trailer, there’s plenty to giggle at and rib on, to be sure. But for me, I couldn’t get over the pronunciation of the name of the agency that is responsible for ridding the world of dinosaurs — this agency is called Aibius. Maybe it was just the way the person in the video kept saying it combined with me coming off watching Madam Secretary (with that show’s penchant for using bodily function-based governmental acronyms), but I kept thinking they were saying I.B.S. instead of Aibius. 

And for anyone versed in scatalogical humor, I.B.S. is Irritable Bowl Syndrome — the ol’ Hershey squirts, if you catch my grade-school-level drift. So throughout this entire reveal for Exoprimal I kept giggling like a complete nincompoop every time I thought they were saying it’s time to saddle up and join I.B.S. I mean, I’m sure this is not a fun condition to have. To the folks who have it, I sincerely apologize. But the very concept of diarrhea being used to save the world from a dinosaur menace? That’s comedy gold.

If there are poop jokes to be made, I will make them, and the Exoprimal trailer has given me ample opportunity to do just that. Look, I’m a baby brain. I get it. But c’mon, you gotta admit this is all just a little bit funny, right?

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