Young Souls - Happy Fit

In Young Souls, you can use the gym to power up various stats. But before you can use the gym, you’ll need to earn Happy Fit Tokens. The game is pretty stingy when it comes to handing those out, so here’s a full guide to acquiring every Happy Fit Token in Young Souls.

Now, I was hoping to find some of these in late-game chests, or maybe find a vendor who would sell them, but there’s only one way to acquire them: by leveling up. You will receive a Happy Fit Token every two levels. This does slow down after level 16, as you won’t get one after that until you hit 19. (Yes, I earned 100% completion in the game, so it’s very, very unlikely there are some Happy Fit Tokens hiding somewhere that I missed.)

Young Souls - Happy Fit Token

So here are the levels that will earn you Happy Fit Tokens:

  • Level 2 – 1 Happy Fit Token
  • Level 4 – 1 Happy Fit Token
  • Level 6 – 1 Happy Fit Token
  • Level 8 – 1 Happy Fit Token
  • Level 10 – 1 Happy Fit Token
  • Level 12 – 1 Happy Fit Token
  • Level 14 – 1 Happy Fit Token
  • Level 16 – 1 Happy Fit Token
  • Level 19 – 1 Happy Fit Token

If you go for 100% completion, you should be at about Level 16 when you finish the game. I did grind all the way up to 20, and that’s still not the level cap, but I have a feeling that few people will grind much higher than that. There’s really no point to doing so, and there really aren’t many spots for late-game grinding (the best place I found was Steel Workshop for idle level grinding, and even that feels pretty slow as you approach 20).

How to Use the Gym

Young Souls - Happy Fit

Once you have a Happy Fit Token, you can spend it on one of three activities: Benchpress (which increases your Strength stat), Situps (which increase your Resistance), and Cycling (which increases your Stamina). You’ll receive a rating based on how well you did (from one to five stars), and the higher your rating, the more you’ll improve the stat you were working on.

Tristan and Jenn can partake in the same activity, but they don’t need to. If you want to have Jenn work on stamina and Tristan work on strength, for example, you can do that. However, each character will only be able to do one activity per Happy Fit Token.

Now, I don’t really have an “easy mode” exploit to share when it comes to these activities, but I can share some basic tips that might help you out.


This minigame works a lot like fishing in Stardew Valley. You have a target bar that raises and lowers, and you want to stay within that target for as long as possible. The only real tip I can give here is that the bar raises a bit higher with each lift, and to hit the highest peak, you’ll really need to mash that button hard. The rhythm doesn’t seem to change over multiple sessions, though, so once you feel comfortable with the rhythm of how the target moves, you should be earning at least four stars on every attempt.

Situps (Abs)

This one is interesting, because it’s tempting to think of it as functioning exactly like the Benchpress activity. However, this is slightly different. In Benchpress, the bar moves up based on how fast you mash the button. While doing situps, however, the bar goes up when the button is held and down when it isn’t. I admit that I spent my first couple attempts mashing that button, when really this one is just about holding it at the right moment.

Like Benchpress, this one just requires you to be familiar with the rhythm of the target and follow it.

Cycling (Cardio)

This one works kind of similarly to Benchpress, only the faster you mash the button, the further to the right the bar will move. So during the “extreme” phase of this activity, you want to really be mashing that button as fast as you can.

Again, this is much easier once you’ve done it a few times and you’ve gotten a feel for how the target moves throughout.

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