Coromon - Maze

Once you make your way through the Soggy Swamp in Coromon, you’ll arrive in the haunted village of Pawbury. There’s a lot of really weird stuff going on here, but perhaps the weirdest of all is the shifting room maze in Hugh and Dorette’s cellar.

In case you haven’t found it yet, there’s a cellar opening in front of the mansion on the northern edge of Pawbury. It’s super easy to miss, but once you know where the cellar staircase is located, entering the maze is simple.

Coromon - Cellar

Once you’ve talked to Dorette, you’ll need to navigate through a series of rooms that all look mostly the same, each with teleporters at all four edges. In order to get to the next room, you need to use the correct teleporter.

Thankfully, Dorette gives you a clue to how this all works. She tells you that when you move into a new room, something will be out of place in that room. If you can identify the item that’s out of place, you can inspect it, and it should tell you which teleporter to use to get to the next room.

I’m going to walk you through the entire maze, step by step.

Starting room

Coromon - Maze

Here’s the layout for the first room. There’s only one teleporter, and it’s at the top of the room (up). Note that if you take any wrong turns, you will end up back here.

First room

Coromon - Maze

Here, you’ll notice the couch has moved. When you inspect the couch, you’ll notice that it tells you to go right.

Second room

Coromon - Maze

Now, this one’s a bit harder to notice, but the statue on the right has changed from the girl to the boy. When you approach it, it will tell you to go up.

Third room

Coromon - Maze

This one’s even harder to figure out, because you really need a sharp eye. The detail that’s out of place is the clock face, which is now completely blank. When you approach the clock, it will tell you to go up again.

Fourth room

Coromon - Maze

This one’s a bit more obvious. The painting has stretched really wide now. When you inspect it, it tells you to go right.

Fifth room

Coromon - Maze

In this room, the bookshelf is missing all of its books. If you inspect it, it will tell you to go down.

Sixth room

Coromon - Maze

This is another one that’s really subtle. If you look closely at the trophy case, you’ll notice it now has a wine glass inside it. When you inspect it, it tells you to go left.

Seventh room

Coromon - Maze

Now, the barrel near the bookshelf has been flipped into an upright position. Inspecting it will reveal the word “Up.”

Eighth room

Coromon - Maze

You have arrived! Now you just need to make your way to the staircase near the bookshelf (you’ll be controlling a swirling vortex instead of your character).

You didn’t think you were done, did you? Oh, if anything in Coromon could be so simple! Actually, the rest of the maze is pretty easy.

The next step is to navigate the mansion as the wisp. For this part, you want to move through each room in a spiral pattern, as shown in the image below:

Coromon - Maze

This will bring you to the grand staircase, which you’ll want to go up. Once you get to the top of the stairs, you’re going to want to spiral in the opposite direction as before, as shown in the image below:

Once you’re in the southern portion of the central hall, go touch the Mescher Stone. It’s the thing that looks like ice cream (or if you really want to be gross, it looks like purple poop). Once you touch the stone, you’ll be returned to the starting room, only Hugh will have joined you. He’ll give you the monastery key so you can begin the next phase of your adventure.

And that’s how you get through the cellar maze in Pawbury!

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