No Man's Sky - Solar Sail Starship

One of the best features of No Man’s Sky‘s Outlaws update is that it adds a new type of ship, the Solar Sail starships. These ships look quite different from the basic types we’re used to (Fighter, Hauler, Explorer, Shuttle), and in my opinion they’re even cooler than the rarer types (Exotic, Living Ship). With more starship slots available now (nine instead of six), you’ve got some room to collect a few of these new ships.

So how do you get a Solar Sail starship in No Man’s Sky?

Well, the process of acquiring these is pretty much the same as any of the other types (with the exception of the Living Ships): You buy them. There’s a huge caveat here, though, since these ships are found in pirate-controlled star systems.

I’ve created a pretty thorough guide to finding pirate-controlled star systems, so you can check that out if you need to know the full process.

Once you find a pirate-controlled system, you simply land in the Outlaw Station (which will replace the usual space station in any pirate system). Once there, you’ll simply wait for ships to arrive. Not every ship that lands in an Outlaw Station will be a Solar Sail starship, but they’re fairly common.

No Man's Sky - Outlaw Station

When the desired ship arrives, talk to the captain, who will be standing outside the ship. You’ll have a few options available, and the one you want is “Make an offer on the lifeform’s starship.” If you have the funds, you can buy the ship and add it to your fleet. Or, you could trade your ship in to reduce the purchase price.

Either way, completing this purchase will get you a shiny new Solar Sail starship.

Also, there are sites out there that have been compiling portal codes that will take you to locations where S-class Solar Sail starships appear. However, you can also upgrade any class of ship to S-class by spending Nanites at a space station. I think of this as choosing between buying a fully restored classic car outright or buying a junker car and restoring it yourself. I personally think it’s fun to restore these ships, so I don’t pay a lot of attention to ship class when I buy one — aesthetic will always be more important to me.

And there you go; this is pretty much everything you need to know about acquiring a Solar Sail starship in No Man’s Sky. Good luck among the stars, fellow interlopers!

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2 years ago

I’ve actually found solar sail ships in non pirate controlled systems. But at a rarer rate. Not quite sure if its to do with conflict level. Mapsesni in Euclid and koeboekaz two normal systems have solar sails

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2 years ago
Reply to  syneti

I just figured it out, the systems are directly connected to pirate controlled systems. I was wondering why in some normal systems I found solar sail ships and others I didn’t. But thanks to this wonderful guide, I checked where the systems where connected and they had lines too or from a pirate controlled system in free look. Hope this helps

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2 years ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

I’ve tested it out and found over 20 solar sail ships outside pirate controlled systems. Checking first if there is a star lane too or from a pirate controlled system. They do land on space stations, but best to find a trading outposts.
I should add some of those systems seem to have pirates landing at certain trading outposts. Will update if this is a factor.
Kobeokaz portal code bird, sunrise , boat, four triangle, four triangle, tent, Blackhole, boat, wierd face, spaceship, spaceship, tent

Have a look kobeokaz is connected to a pirate system via star Lane, aswell as mapsesni Rugarey-Geat(sub zero planet is best ) in Euclid.

All my solar sails except one were purchased in systems in this area. Connected to Setouc-Iga the pirate system

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2 years ago

Also I will add each ship has different stats. No same rank ship has the same stats, so normally getting a C class ship and upgrading will give you a more powerful end result than just finding an S class ship.
I have seen six C class with varying damage stats and shield stats. Ranging from 77 to 88 for example.
Use the visor when purchasing, trading in.
Aesthetic is more important definitely.
Using this method I’ve got better S class ships by upgrading than finding S class ships outright.

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