Weird West - The Plague

Weird West was already a game with a bunch of supernatural elements, so of course it included zombies from day one. But with the game’s first community event, The Plague, the Weird West gets even more zombified.

According to a recent press release:

Reports are rolling in from across the Weird West of a plague of undead rising from their graves. Worse, a terrible sickness seems to follow in their wake. 

That description is somewhat vague, but we can probably expect an increase in zombies around the game world. I’m wondering if this also means that those massive graveyards you’ve been leaving in your wake will become brutal playgrounds of death and slaughter. If you want to find out for sure, you can do that right now, because the event is already live.

And that’s not the only news from the weirdest of frontiers. WolfEye Studios has also unveiled a pretty ambitious roadmap for the game going forward.

Weird West Roadmap

The first item on the roadmap is The Plague, but beyond that, we’ve got plenty to look forward to. Unfortunately, there are no dates attached to any of this content, but it does sound like there’s a lot in the pipes right now. In case the font on the above image is a little hard to read, I’ll list everything below:

  • Plague Event
  • Content Pack
  • Nimpossible Mode
  • Caged Ones Event
  • Mod

I’m guessing that last entry refers to mod support, which is going to be a welcome addition to Weird West. There’s no word on what will be in the content pack, but the press release says to expect more “new story events, encounters, expansions and Journeys” in the future. I’m wondering if the content pack includes a new Journey, or if that is being saved for future paid DLC?

Oh, and speaking of paid DLC, there’s no need to worry about your pocketbook, for all of the content listed above is free for any scoundrels who own Weird West.

You can check out a trailer for Weird West‘s The Plague community event below.

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