APICO is a super-chill game about beekeeping. While it seems simple at a glance, there’s actually a lot going on under the hood. The list of achievements to earn is actually pretty robust, so here’s a complete list of all of the achievements that can be earned in APICO.

  • Plant Some Darn Trees – Chop down a lot of trees and annoy a lot of forest spirits.
  • Ooops – Forget to put away your hammer and cause an… accident.
  • Living in Each Other’s Pockets – Use a hammer on something you didn’t expect could be hammered.
  • Commitment and Sheer Will – Who needs tools to chop down trees when you have fists?
  • No Rest – Stay up for days on end, powered purely by your love of beekeeping.
  • Scrooge McBee – Save up an eye-watering amount of Rubees.
  • An Army Of Beeatrice – Make an entire army of bees with Beeatrice.
  • It Came To Me In A Dream – Discover the mysterious Dream Bee.
  • Life… Finds A Way… – Uncover the forgotten Jurassic Bee.
  • The Need… For Mead – Create and bottle your very own homemade Mead.
  • Ooh Shiny – Find a blessed species variant.
  • Hivemother’s Favour – Find 10 blessed species variants.
  • Holy Orders – Find all blessed species variants.
  • First Steps – Complete the introduction quests in Grandpa’s Guide.
  • Following In Their Footsteps – Complete 15 different chapters in Grandpa’s Guide.
  • A Keeper Through And Through – Complete all chapters of Grandpa’s Guide.
  • Learning The Ropes – Discover your first new bee species.
  • Keeping Is In Our Blood – Discover 15 different species of bees.
  • Master Apiarist – Discover all different species of bees.
  • Breaking News – Fully conservate a bee species by getting it’s status to Thriving.
  • Making Headlines – Fully conservate 15 bee species by getting their statuses to Thriving.
  • Living Legend – Fully conservate all bee species by getting all their statuses to Thriving.
  • What Do We Do With a Drunken Sailor – Complete five quests for Skipper at the Town Noticeboard.
  • Doctors Orders – Complete five quests for Beenjamin at the Town Noticeboard.
  • The Hero APICO Needs – Complete five quests for the town at the Town Noticeboard.
  • What’re Ya Buying? – Buy something from a stranger.
  • Hehehe… Thank You – Buy something for an extortionate amount from a stranger.
  • Music Makes Me Lose Control – Play a music track on a Jukebox.
  • Number 1 Fan – Collect all the music tracks.
  • Like Clockwork – Craft all four clockwork machines.
  • Powered By Bees – Purchase all three honeycore machines.
  • Kiss From A Rose – Discover your first flower species.
  • Flower Power – Discover five different species of flower.
  • Green Thumb – Discover all species of flower.
  • Who Needs Boats? – Activate and use a Hivemother Gate.
  • UNKNOWN_BEE_EXCEPTION – Grab a bee that you shouldn’t touch, you rascal!
  • Lost In The Dream – Activate all Hivemother Gates and arrive at a new destination.
  • Truly Divine – Open the Hivemother’s Door.
  • Can’t See The Wood For The Trees – Plant so many darn trees.
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