Dolmen - Vahani Archeology

In Dolmen, there is a hidden Trophy/Achievement called Vahani Archeology, which asks you to “Reach Vahani Excavations.” This is basically asking you to find one of the game’s secret areas, and it’s really easy to overlook the path that leads there. So I’m going to quickly show you exactly where you need to go.

What you’re looking for is the elaborate-looking door shown at the top of this article.

First up, you need to have completed Act 1, as this area can be found in Act 2’s Wastelands area. The exact teleporter you want to start at is the Ore Plant. Once you’re there, simply follow the path shown in this video:

Note that I killed the enemies on the path before I recorded the video so I could just show you the path uninterrupted. You will have to kill several enemies along the way. But once you find the actual path, you should be in the clear. Just watch for the red energy beams being blasted from a nearby structure, because that can still kill you.

If you follow the path shown in the video, you will reach a circular door. Just interact with it to find the next teleporter and pop the Vahani Archeology Trophy/Achievement.

In this next area, you’ll also find the Dementula Insane hidden boss, so be prepared!

And that’s really all there is to it!

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