Mars Tactics

I’m a fan of games set on Mars. I’m also fans of tactical combat in the vein of XCOM. And, God help me, I really like pixel art. So when a press release for Mars Tactics came across my digital desk, my curiosity was instantly piqued.

Mars Tactics is a pixelated game of tactical combat, which pits two factions against each other across the red deserts of Mars.

While XCOM is the obvious reference for the combat style, there’s a part of me that wants to compare this to Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf. Maybe it’s the desert setting; maybe it’s the tiny solders. Heck, maybe it’s the combination of the two. Either way, I am interested in learning more about Mars Tactics, which is due for release on Steam at some point in 2023.

Now, to be fair, I’m maybe exaggerating the pixelated aspect a bit. While the gameplay is definitely made up of poylgons, with a 3D battlefield that looks like it can be rotated, the menus are have an old-school pixel look to them that I really dig.

Mars Tactics

According to the press release, here’s what we can expect from the game:

Choose one of two asymmetric factions — Capital or Labor — and compete across both the world map and procedurally generated battlefields, with soldiers that grow and learn dynamically from what happens to them in each battle. Vehicles, air strikes, and artillery all allow you to reshape the destructible buildings and environment of each battlefield, while you set ambushes, prepare reinforcements, and block escape routes on a richly detailed world map.

It goes on to say:

Mars Tactics immerses the player in a battle of Capital vs Labor on Mars. The Mellon Corporation — Capital — monopolizes the mining of a new rare element with the potential to solve all of Earth’s energy needs. But the workers on Mars — Labor — are exposed to deadly mining conditions and cut off from all regulatory protection they might have enjoyed while on Earth. Will you lead Labor in the rise from a small band of desperate workers scrounging for ammunition and supplies, or accept charge of the vast resources and powerful starting position of Capital but be forever beholden to the relentless demands of your shareholders on Earth?

You can check out the reveal trailer for Mars Tactics below, and don’t forget to wishlist it on Steam if this looks like it’s up your pixel-art alley.

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