No Man's Sky - Leviathan Expedition

No Man’s Sky has launched its seventh expedition, titled Leviathan. This one began May 25, 2022, and is set to run for approximately six weeks.

While each expedition typically has its own twist, this one feels quite a bit different than the ones that came before it. That’s mostly because it has some roguelike elements, such as a sort-of-permadeath. Yeah, you need to complete this expedition without dying, otherwise you need to start over.

Well, kind of.

Dying is actually a part of this one. When you do die, your progress will reset, but you’ll start a fresh timeloop and claim “memories” of your previous run (basically, these are rewards that you collect whenever you start a new loop).

Your bases won’t disappear when you die, and your freighter will remain intact. You can actually exploit this by building bases at certain points in the journey. You’ll want to build a base near each of the anchor points, for example. You can also set up a Minotaur bay at one of your bases, then install the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser on your freighter. This allows you to summon the Minotaur in any system in which you can summon your freighter.

Also, there are parts of this expedition that are based on community participation, and they can’t be completed until the community completes certain objectives.

So let’s dig into the Leviathan expedition and see what it’s all about.

Iteration 1

No Man's Sky - Leviathan Phase 1

Completion reward:

  • Leviathan Poster plans
  • The Loop Poster plans
  • Timesplice Poster plans


No Man's Sky - Remembrance

Objective: Receive a gift from the past.

To claim this reward, you’ll need to have died at least one time. When you start a subsequent loop, you will have an item in your inventory called a Memory Fragment. Open this item to complete the objective.


  • Memory Fragment (Personal Weapon)

A New Beginning?

No Man's Sky - A New Beginning

Objective: Locate your starship.

To complete this objective, you just have to find your starship. This is something you’ve probably done a thousand times if you’ve been playing No Man’s Sky a lot. If this is somehow your first time firing up the game, you’ll need to look for the ship icon and then follow it to your poor, beat-up ship.


  • Life Support Gel x5
  • Ion Battery x8
  • Starship Launch Fuel x2
  • Memory Fragment (Exosuit) x3

Observing the Cycle

No Man's Sky - Observing the Cycle

Objective: Glimpse the loop

To complete this objective, you first need to repair your starship, then launch into space. This is another thing that No Man’s Sky veterans should have done tons of times by now. Simply open up your ship’s inventory, then take a look at the broken parts. Each one should have one or two ingredients listed, which you’ll need to collect and bring back to your ship.

Once your ship is repaired, launch into space and then summon the Space Anomaly. Once you’re inside the anomaly, seek out Specialist Polo. When you talk to them, one option is “Ask about the loop.” You’ll want to select this. Once you’ve talked to Polo about the loop, you’ll complete the objective.


  • Memory Fragment (Inventory)
  • Sodium x225
  • Solar Ray plans

Iterate / Repeat

No Man's Sky - Iterate Repeat

Objective: Rise from the ashes

To complete this objective, you’ll simply have to die once. When you start your next cycle, you should be able to turn this one in.


  • Hermetic Seal plans
  • Base Computer plans
  • Memory Fragment x2

Bounds Testing

No Man's Sky - Bounds Testing

Objective: Break the loop?

Okay, so this is where things start to get tricky. Once you’ve talked to Polo (see “Observing the Cycle”), you can start to do tasks for them. If you go to the Log section of your menu, you’ll see your available objectives. The ones you’re looking for begin with the phrase “Loop Research.”

Loop Research: Liquid Sun

For this objective, you’ll need to install the Solar Ray on your Miltitool. This addon allows you to mine specific resources and convert them into Liquid Sun. For reference, this is what you’re looking for:

No Man's Sky - Liquid Sun

Once you have 250 Liquid Sun, return to Polo.

Loop Research: Ancestral Memories

Here, you’re trying to collect memories from alien species. You’ll need to scan critters on a planet surface, then feed them creature pellets so they become friendly. Interact with the animal, and one of the options should be “Harvest Ancestral Memories.” You’ll generally get 15 to 30 Ancestral Memories per harvest. Once you have 200 Ancestral Memories, return to Polo.

Loop Research: Somnal Dust

Somnal Dust can be found inside derelict freighters when you shoot organic pustules and loot crates. Once you have 100 Somnal Dust, return to Polo.

You only need to complete one of these three categories to complete this milestone, and the Ancestral Memories are the easiest to collect by far.

Note that once you’ve done this once, you only have to talk to Polo to clear this milestone on subsequent playthroughs (if you end up dying and having to restart over again).


  • Pre-Packaged Hyperdrive Unit
  • Memory Fragment (Starship Weapon)
  • Emergency Broadcast Receiver

Anchor Point 1

No Man's Sky - Anchor Point 1

Objective: Reach the first anchor point

For this one, just set the “Anchor Point 1” milestone as your active milestone, then follow the path through space to the correct planet. Once you’re there, use your Analysis Visor to find the correct location.

The planet is called Ennect and it’s located in the system Cebrac-Eliwyn. You’ll want to establish a base on this planet, because that way you can warp back to it in the unfortunate event that you end up dying and having to restart. Also, you won’t want to leave this planet until you complete the next milestone as well.


  • Memory Resonator plans
  • Memory Fragment (Inventory) x2
  • Memory Fragment (Exosuit) x2

Wake the Past

No Man's Sky - Wake the Past

Objective: Face your ghosts and reveal hotspots within the loop.

Okay, so hotspots are generally located near Anchor Points, so you’ll want to do this before you leave the first Anchor Point.

First, you’ll need to construct a Memory Resonator. You should have the blueprints already for completing the “Anchor Point 1” milestone. Once you construct it, you can use it (while on the Anchor Point planet) and it will put an icon on a specific location. Follow the icon, then use your Analysis Visor to find the exact location.

You’ll eventually find a grave. Interact with it to complete this milestone.

Be careful, because interacting with the grave will summon a swarm of Biological Horrors, Sentinels, or, if you’re really unlucky, both. I find it useful to summon my starship, then make sure the launch thrusters are fueled up, before touching the grave so I can jump into my ship and take off before anything has a chance to kill me.

Optional Milestone: Cycle Observed

No Man's Sky - Cycle Observed

Objective: Complete the first universal loop

For this milestone, the community must have completed the first tier of the universal loop. Based on the flavor text, it sounds like this community mission progress is based on how many Memories have been collected in total. You can check on the community’s progress in the Loop Progression section of your Log menu.


  • Memory Fragments upgraded to B-Class
  • Memory Fragment (Inventory) x2

Iteration 2

No Man's Sky - Iteration 2

Completion reward:

  • Temporal Starship Trail customization

Anchor Point 2

No Man's Sky - Anchor Point 2

Objective: Reach the second anchor point

This is a repeat of Anchor Point 1. Just set Anchor Point 2 as your active milestone, and then follow the line on your Galaxy Map.

This anchor point is located on a planet called Alecapae Beta in the Romestovot system.


  • Memory Fragment (Inventory) x2

To Crave the Stars

No Man's Sky - To Crave the Stars

Objective: Use the Memory Resonator to seek the fallen traveler.

While you’re still on the second Anchor Point planet, use the Memory Resonator again. It will place an icon over another location on the planet. Go to that location, then use your Analysis Visor to find the grave. Interact with the grave to complete the milestone.


  • Portal glyph set
  • Memory Fragment x2
  • Memory Imprint II

The Anchor

No Man's Sky - The Anchor

Objective: Establish a base on an infested world

An infested world is a world that has an odd chromatic look to it. Thankfully, the anchor points are on infested worlds, so you won’t have to go look for one. Just set up a base before you leave the second anchor point planet, then add 15 parts to it.


  • Minotaur Geobay
  • Memory Fragment (Exocraft) x5
  • Nomad Goebay plans
  • Nautilon Chamber plans

Universal Language

No Man's Sky - Universal Language

Objective: Learn 3 words in each alien language

This is super easy. Just go into a space station and talk to every alien you see. Use the “Request dialog help” option. You’ll probably have to visit two or three space stations to get enough words, but the alternative option is to look for monoliths and knowledge stones. Learning nine words won’t be difficult even using the knowledge stone option, but space station hopping is way faster.


  • Pre-Packaged Advanced Translator Unit
  • Memory Fragment


No Man's Sky - Atonement

Objective: Befriend an aggressive creature

All you have to do is tame one of the creatures that attacks you. Some creatures have a red pawprint icon, signifying that they’re dangerous.

No Man's Sky - Aggressive Creature

All you have to do is feed one of these animals a Creature Pellet, then claim it as your companion.

I should point out that there are aggressive creatures on the starting planet, so I always try to do this one before I leave the first planet.


  • Ancestral Memories x150
  • Faecium x250
  • Wild Milk x5

Fallen Giants

No Man's Sky - Fallen Giants

Objective: Explore a freighter crash site

There are several ways to find a crashed freighter. I won’t go over those now because there’s a pretty decent guide at Double XP that explains it pretty well.

To complete the milestone, all you have to do is locate a crashed freighter then use its terminal. You don’t even have to go inside the freighter to claim the cargo (though you can still do that if you want to).

Also, when you find a crashed freighter, you probably want to set up a base next to it so you can return to it in subsequent runs.


  • Memory Fragment (Armament) x2

Optional Milestone: Perpetuity

No Man's Sky - Perpetuity

Objective: Complete the second universal loop

This relates to the community challenge. For this, the community needs to complete Tier 2 of the universal loop.


  • Memory Fragments upgraded to A-Class
  • Memory Fragment (Inventory) x2

Iteration 3

No Man's Sky - Iteration 3

Completion reward:

  • Whalestalker Cloak customization

Anchor Point 3

No Man's Sky - Anchor Point 3

Objective: Reach the third anchor point

Same as before, just follow the line on your Galaxy Map to the highlighted anchor point, then use your Analysis Visor to home in on the exact location. The planet is called Rora 52/J1 and it’s located in the Uffanymo III system.

Also, don’t forget to set up a base here.


  • Memory Fragment (Exocraft) x2
  • Memory Fragment (Inventory)


No Man's Sky - Obsession

Objective: Feel their thirst — use the Memory Resonator to seek the fallen Traveler

Before you leave the third anchor point, make sure you bust out your Memory Resonator to get the location of the next grave. Interact with the grave, then book it out of there before you’re swarmed with Sentinels and Biological Horrors.


  • Memory Fragment plans
  • Memory Imprint III

Call of the Void

No Man's Sky - Call of the Void

Objective: Steal 10 Whispering Eggs

This one is absolutely terrifying. Thankfully Whispering Eggs are plentiful on Infested Planets, so anchor points planets are great for harvesting them. Unfortunately, harvesting these eggs will summon a swarm of Biological Horrors, which can kill you very quickly.

My go-to method is to carve out the area around the egg with the Terrain Manipulator in sort of a U-shape. When you shoot the egg with your mining laser, it will drop a round Larval Core, so the goal is to get it to roll into your little trench. Pick up the Larval Core as quickly as possible, then jump into your ship.

Here’s a video of me doing this, for reference:

Also, if you misjudge the trajectory of the Larval Core and it’s not immediately accessible, just consider it lost and get out of there. It’s not worth dying over a Whispering Egg — there are plenty more available.

Take this one slowly. Ten eggs is a pretty big ask when Permadeath is in the equation, but if you’re careful, you should be able to get all ten relatively quickly.


  • Whispering Omelets x6
  • Memory Fragment (Exosuit) x2
  • Memory Fragment

Calcified Echoes

No Man's Sky - Calcified Echoes

Objective: Collect 5 Storm Crystals

Storm Crystals can be harvested on planets with extreme weather, but only during storms. Here’s a decent guide to finding them. I should add that when a planet looks gray and foggy from space, it means it’s storming (though not every storm will produce crystals — only storms on extreme-weather planets).

One important thing to note is that thee crystals will respawn every time it storms, so if you find a decent cluster of them, you should definitely set up a base. You can return to this location and re-farm the same crystals over and over again.


  • Memory Fragment (Exosuit) x2
  • Memory Fragment x2

Self Improvement

No Man's Sky - Self-Improvement

Objective: Summon your own Memory Fragment

Once you complete the “Obsession” milestone, you should have the blueprints to craft your own Memory Fragment. It requires:

  • 2 Wiring Loom
  • 50 Silver
  • 100 Pugneum

Once you’ve crafted your first Memory Fragment, you should get a notification that you’ve completed this milestone.


  • Silver x250
  • Gold x250
  • Suspicious Packet (Goods) x5

Taking It with You

No Man's Sky - Taking It with You

Objective: Earn 1,000,000 units

Earning a million units is honestly super easy. The first time I did this, all I did was hunt fugitive spaceships. Sometimes, those can be worth 300,000 units. On subsequent playthroughs, I just went to the Nexus and claimed the ships I earned from Twitch drops, then scrapped them immediately. Some of those ships break down into 12 million units worth of parts, so that’s another super easy way to get this milestone if you have Twitch rewards to claim.


  • Component crafting blueprints
  • Memory Fragment (Exocraft) x2

Optional Milestone: Recursion

No Man's Sky - Recursion

Objective: Complete the third universal loop

This relates to the community challenge. For this, the community will need to complete Tier 3 of the universal loop.


  • Memory Fragment (Exosuit) x2
  • Memory Fragment (Inventory) x2
  • Memory Fragments upgraded to S-Class

Iteration 4

Completion reward:

  • Organic Frigate Calf plans

Anchor Point 4

No Man's Sky - Anchor Point 4

Objective: Reach the fourth anchor point

You should know the drill by this point. The planet is called Haumeadl N25, and it’s located in the Chistor-Olev XIII system. And don’t forget to build a base!


  • Memory Fragment x2
  • Memory Fragment (Exocraft) x2


No Man's Sky - Monomania

Objective: Witness their folly — use the Memory Resonator to seek the fallen Traveler

This should be familiar by now. Use the Memory Resonator to locate the gravesite, then interact with it to claim your memory and complete the milestone.


  • Memory Fragment (Armament) x2
  • Memory Fragment (Exocraft) x2
  • Memory Imprint IV

Hot Pursuit

No Man's Sky - Hot Pursuit

Objective: Smuggle 500,000 units worth of contraband

The hardest part about this milestone is locating a pirate system. Thankfully, I’ve created a full guide to that, which you can read by clicking here. Once you’ve located a pirate system, you’re going to want to set up a base here.

Now, just go to the outlaw space station and buy some illegal goods. You’ll then want to travel to a non-pirate space station to sell those goods. There is a teleporter in the outlaw station, but you won’t be able to teleport directly to a non-pirate space station. However, if you’ve been following this guide, you should have a ton of bases set up by now. You can teleport to one of those, then visit the space station in that system.

Just cross your fingers and hope you don’t have your cargo scanned…

All you have to do is sell 500,000 units worth of illegal goods. This isn’t that hard; I can usually do it in a single trip.


  • Forged Passport
  • Unearthed Treasure x4
  • Memory Fragment x2

Banished Glass

No Man's Sky - Banished Glass

Objective: Shut down a planet’s Sentinel forces

For this milestone, you just have to find a Sentinel Pillar. Here’s a great guide on how to do that:

Once you’ve found a Sentinel Pillar, you’ll then need locate the terminal. When you interact with that terminal, you’ll have a number of options. Select “Shutdown Sentinel Forces” to disable the Sentinels, then the milestone should pop up for you.

If you want to see it in action, here’s a video of me earning this milestone:

Honestly, this one is actually pretty easy. Oh, but once you’ve found a Sentinel Pillar, make sure you set up a base so you can quickly return here on subsequent runs.


  • Memory Fragment (Inventory)
  • Memory Fragment (Armament) x2
  • Salvaged Glass x5

Pugneum Dreams

No Man's Sky - Pugneum Dreams

Objective: Eliminate 20 Sentinels

This is pretty easy. Simply cause enough trouble to get noticed by Sentinels, then destroy them. They really struggle to follow you into caves, so my strategy is to dig a tunnel with the Terrain Manipulator and use it as cover. I’ll pop out, kill a Sentinel or two, then disappear back into my tunnel.

Also, it’s important to note that there are now Sentinels that will repair other Sentinels — you’ll notice they have a wrench icon over them when they’re repairing. You want to take these ones out first, otherwise the other Sentinels will keep getting repaired.

Once you have killed 20 Sentinels, this milestone should show as completed.


  • Sentinel Boundary Map
  • Memory Fragment (Armament) x2
  • Memory Fragment (Exocraft) x4

Cluster Horde

No Man's Sky - Cluster Hoard

Objective: Earn 2,000 Nanites

Earning 2,000 Nanites is super easy, so I’m surprised this milestone is in Iteration 4 instead of, like, 2 where I would expect it. Anyway, when you claim memories, you’re typically rewarded with modules of some sort. You can sell these at space stations for Nanites. If you do this, you’ll earn 2,000 Nanites pretty quickly.


  • Wiring Loom x10
  • Silver x250
  • Pugneum x500

Optional Milestone: A Way Out?

No Man's Sky - A Way Out

Objective: Complete the fourth universal loop

This relates to the community challenge. For this, the community will need to complete Tier 4 of the universal loop.


  • Memory Fragments upgraded to X-Class
  • Memory Fragment x3

Iteration 5

No Man's Sky - Iteration 5

Completion reward:

  • Title: Looper
  • Leviathan Expedition Banner customization

Anchor Point 5

No Man's Sky - Anchor Point 5

Objective: Reach the final anchor point

You should know the drill at this point. Set the “Anchor Point 5” milestone as your active objective, then follow the trail on your Galaxy Map. Once you find the proper planet, land near the icon, then use your Analysis Visor to pinpoint the exact location.

Once again, set up a base on this planet in case you need to return to it.

This planet is called Kaok 49/08, and it’s located in the Sophis system.


  • A Dreadful Wailing
  • Memory Fragment x2

Another Chance

No Man's Sky - Another Chance

Objective: Confront their past — construct the Memory Resonator

Once again, use the Memory Resonator to locate the gravesite, then interact with it. Boom, milestone complete!


  • Memory Imprint V
  • Tainted Metal x1,000

Partners in Time

No Man's Sky - Partners in Time

Objective: Help Polo search for five patterns in the loop

This milestone actually carries over between runs. All you have to do is complete the Bounds Testing milestone objectives five times. That means delivering 250 Liquid Sun, 200 Ancestral Memories, or 100 Somnal Dust to Polo at the Nexus. The Ancestral Memories are the easiest by far.


  • Memory Fragment (Inventory)
  • Activated Emeril x500

// ..?.-? . -. – ..? -. –?. // [A Shattered Past]

No Man's Sky - A Shattered Past

Objective: @?kkk??ttzz?t [Return to a forgotten place]

You must complete the “Another Chance” milestone to unlock this one.

Once you’ve met all the prerequisites, you’ll need to go into space and use your Pulse Drive. While you’re zooming through space, you’ll home in on a strange object. Stop your Pulse Drive and you’ll find yourself at a destroyed freighter.

Now, you need to explore the freighter to the end, completing all three major objectives (finding the Security Credentials, Crew Manifest, and Captain’s Log). Once you’ve done this, your milestone should be complete.


  • Whalesong Flute plans
  • Cargo Bulkhead

// ..?.-? . -. – ..? -. –?. // [The Siren]

No Man's Sky - The Siren

Objective: @?kkk??ttzz?t [Prepare the call — gather flute materials

This won’t be available until you’ve completed the previous milestone.

For this milestone, you’ll need to craft the Whalesong Flute, which can be done with:

  • 32 Liquid Sun
  • 32 Ancestral Memories
  • 32 Somnal Dust

If you need any help locating those, I’ve written detailed instructions in the “Bounds Testing” section of this guide.


  • Memory Fragment x3
  • Gravitino Ball x5

// ..?.-? . -. – ..? -. –?. // [Leviathan]

No Man's Sky - Leviathan

Objective: @?kkk??ttzz?t [Call the Leviathan]

This won’t be available until you’ve completed the previous milestone.

Now you have to use the Whalesong Flute while in deep space. This summons the Leviathan. It will attempt to contact you, and when it does, you need to choose the “submit” option. This will complete the loop.


  • Frigate Fuel (200 Tonnes) x10
  • Fuel Oxidizer x10
  • Green Firework x8

Optional Milestone: Unbound

Objective: Complete the final universal loop.

This is another part of the community challenge. The community must complete the fifth tier of the universal loop.


  • Memory Fragment (Inventory)
  • Memory Fragment x4

Leviathan Final Reward

No Man's Sky - Levathan

Don’t forget to claim your final reward for the Leviathan expedition.


  • The Leviathan frigate
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2 years ago

So, for the record, your bases may stay intact, but your Freighter will revert back to the null C class that you started with, and you will lose ALL things you had stored there in your previous iteration…. in other words, you’ll be zero’d out (ala Ready Player One)…..

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