Soulstice is an upcoming action hack-‘n-slash game with a distinct visual style that feels like Final Fantasy VII mixed with the Clone Wars animated series. The Half-Glass Gaming crew was invited to a presentation of the game, so we took the opportunity to learn more about what makes Soulstice tick.

There were two big questions on our minds going into this: Does Soulstice have a New Game Plus mode? And does it support multiplayer of any kind? We got answers to both questions.

Does Soulstice have a New Game Plus mode?


We were told that Soulstice does indeed have New Game Plus, and your character progression carries over into your next playthrough (the dev team didn’t break this down any further for us). Additionally, there are three difficulty settings by default, but you will unlock two more by playing the game. These unlockable difficulty levels are more challenging, which will allow you to put your amped-up character to good use.

If you want a more thorough explanation of the game’s difficulty system, you can find one here.

Does Soulstice have PvP or Co-op of any kind?


Soulstice is a purely single-player experience. Early in development, there was talk of multiplayer, but it was thrown out pretty early on because it just didn’t work with the story being told. Soulstice focuses on the symbiotic relationship between Briar and Lute, and it was really important to get that right — so important, in fact, that co-op just wouldn’t mesh with the storytelling here.

So there you have it. Soulstice will include New Game Plus but won’t include multiplayer.

The full game is due out for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on September 20, 2022.

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