Hitman 3 - The Serial Killer

Here we are, in June of 2022, and Hitman 3 is still pumping out fresh content. Well, that’s not exactly true, as Hitman 3‘s Year 2 has mostly felt like recycled content — while there is content coming out every month, the word fresh might not be the best descriptor.

IO Interactive has unveiled the June, 2022, roadmap for the aging masterpiece that is Hitman 3, and it does look to be keeping with the trend of Year 2 so far. The new map is not here yet, nor is the new Freelancer game mode, but we have some remixed challenges to add to an already exhaustive list of remixed challenges.

There is one thing worth getting excited about, though: There’s going to be an Elusive Target on Whittleton Creek, called the Serial Killer. This will be the first time we’ve seen an Elusive Target in Whittleton Creek in Hitman 3, and I’m crossing my fingers in hopes it will include the Suburban Suit with Driving Gloves outfit. That particular suit hasn’t yet been obtainable within Hitman 3 (unless you carried over progress from Hitman 2).

There are also new contracts coming to Elusive Target Arcade, and those come with a new weapon: the Ruby Rude 300 Sniper Rifle.

Hitman 3 - June Roadmap

If you want a complete chronological list of everything you can expect this month, I whipped one up for you:

June 2

  • Marrakesh is free for all players (expires June 12)

June 3

  • The Serial Killer (Elusive Target on Whittleton Creek) – expires June 13

June 10

  • The Gunrunner (Elusive Target on Marrakesh) – expires June 20

June 16

  • New contracts for Elusive Target Arcade

June 23

  • Heat Stroke Featured Contracts

June 30

  • Hot Scope Featured Contracts

July 1

  • The Liability (Elusive Target on Berlin) – expires July 11
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