Skate Story

I somehow missed the trailer for Skate Story during Summer of Gaming 2020. Thankfully, that omission has been rectified with a new trailer shown off during the Devolver Direct 2022 livestream event.

In Skate Story, you play a a demon made of glass and pain, and for whatever reason you must skateboard your way through the underworld.

The gameplay looks reminiscent of other contemporary skate sims like Skate or Session, albeit through the lens of some sort of astral afterlife. The skating looks concise and rad, and the art style is absolutely unique and rather captivating and, dare I say, breathtaking? Yeah, I dare.

There is still no concrete release date, with the Steam page suggesting sometime in 2023. That’s still a ways out, but good things come to those who wait, so wait I shall.

Oh, and Skate Story also features music from Blood Cultures, which sounds pretty chill and perfect to vibe to while gleaming the demonic cubes.

You can check the new trailer out below, and also head over to Skate Story‘s Steam page if you’d like to add it to your wishlist.

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