I’m not usually one to line up for a gross-out horror game. It’s not really the gross-out factor that I don’t cotton to; it’s that most games that try their hands to be creepy or scary just come up short. But now that I’ve seen the most recent trailer for ILL during GamesRadar’s Future Games Show 2022, I have to say that this thing is checking off a lot of the right boxes for me.

The trailer itself is fairly brisk, but it does a great job setting expectations for the monsters that inhabit this world. A lot of this stems from the rather incredible graphics on display — whether or not this will be indicative of how the actual game will look, I guess, is still up in the air.

What stands out the most to me is just how meaty and sweaty the flesh looks; it’s insane actually. But then we see that this flesh is attached to some sort of a mutated abomination, almost like the Clickers from The Last of Us, but amped up to maximum piss-your-pants levels.

For real, the creatures in this trailer have pulsating and morphing features that would make the Tyrant from Resident Evil look like Robert Pattinson by comparison. This is all delivered in a taut, menacing fashion, with a pounding low-rumble soundtrack as the player character navigates what I can only describe as a steam-pipe-trunk distribution venue. And just when we see what looks like the eviscerated lower half of a corpse instead reveal itself to be something far worse, the trailer ends and we are left with our imaginations running rampant.


ILL is currently in development, and we don’t know a lot about it yet. Will this be a PC exclusive or will it be coming out on consoles? Who knows?

You can join the Team Clout Patreon if you wish to stay up to date and also help fund ILL‘s development, but there currently doesn’t seem to be a Steam page, which suggests there is still some time between now and whenever the game might see the light of day.

For now I guess we’ll have to settle for the ILL “gameplay” trailer, which you can check out below.

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