Mossfield Origins

If you play a lot of city-builders, you certainly know how stressful they can be. When everything’s going your way, suddenly some sort of disaster strikes out of nowhere and you’re scrambling to minimize the damage as much as possible.

If you want a super-chill city-building experience, though, Mossfield Origins might be up your alley. According to the description on the game’s Steam page, Mossfield Origins lets you “Take your time and build the best self sustaining community for your residents in this chill, relaxing builder, with no time pressure or external forces.”

This does have some similarities with Terra Nil, which is another game I’m really excited about. For instance, both games have an element of eco-consciousness and cleaning up the damage of human civilization. Mossfield Origins, however, plays with a lot of golden tones in its visual palette instead of the rich greens of Terra Nil.

There’s no release date for Mossfield Origins yet, aside from the cheeky “when the grass turns orange” on the Steam page. While you’re waiting for a more concrete release date (or even window), you can satisfy your curiosity with the oh-so-brief narrative and gameplay trailer that was showcased at Summer Game Fest 2022.

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