Crackdown 2

Digital copies of Crackdown and Crackdown 2 became available to download for free for Xbox players back in February of 2019 to commemorate the release of Crackdown 3. As it turns out, more than three years later, both games are still available to download for free for anyone who may be interested.

As fate would have it, I am interested.

I discovered this promotion while browsing the Xbox store to see just how much Crackdown 3 was going for. Since I am not a subscriber to Game Pass anymore (after realizing the service didn’t really have much to offer me specifically), I no longer have the option of playing Crackdown 3 via that subscription avenue. As it turns out Crackdown 3 will run you $29.99, or roughly two months of Game Pass for a returning subscriber; both of which are too rich for my blood.

But as luck would have it, for the low, low cost of time and bandwidth, I can simply get my Crackdown fix with the first two games, which, if the progression from Crackdown to Crackdown 2 is any indication of what to expect for the progression from Crackdown 2 to Crackdown 3, then if you’ve played one Crackdown, you’ve pretty much played them all. As such, settling for what I can get for free will more than suffice to scratch this oddly specific Crackdown itch I am experiencing. (Gosh, I hope it isn’t a Crackdown rash…)

There isn’t any indication this promotion won’t simply just become the default value of these games going forward, but that being said, if you are interested in Crackdown and Crackdown 2 — and you don’t already own them, it might behoove you to strike while the iron is hot and secure your free copies sooner rather than later.

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