Saints Row Boss Factory - Mystique

Saints Row Boss Factory just came out, and the community is already flooding this character creator with amazing characters you might know from your favorite media. I’ve been on a huge X-Men kick recently, so I was happy to see that Mystique and Colossus are getting some serious love already.

So I’m going to share some amazing community creations, with codes for downloading these for yourself.

Mystique Download Codes

I’ve been able to find two great re-creations of Mystique, AKA Raven Darkhölme, everyone’s favorite shape-shifting villain.


Saints Row Boss Factory - Mystique

First, there’s a textured version that looks eerily similar to the version portrayed by Rebecca Romijn in the 2000 X-Men movie. This was created by user Paragon dXp, and before you complain about the nudity, note that she’s actually wearing a thong — it just matches her skin color.


Saints Row Boss Factory - Mystique

If the first version of Mystique is too scantily clad for you, here’s a more tastefully dressed one in some yellow and black X-gear. This is by user Uphaul.


Saints Row Boss Factory - Mystique

If you’re looking for a version that looks more like the Mystique of the comic-book universe, here’s a great one for you. This one was created by Volition_SaintRo. I’m not sure if that’s an official Saints Row account or just someone who snagged the title.

Colossus Download Codes

Now how about the X-Men’s Russian man of organic steel? There are some pretty great versions of Colossus available as well. This time we have four different versions for you to try out.


Saints Row Boss Factory - Colossus

This first one comes from user Volition_SaintRo, which is the same account behind the comic-book version of Mystique above. Here you’ve got him all dressed up in his farmboy attire.


Saints Row Boss Factory - Colossus

This next one is the creation of JasonHORROR. This one has our big boi dressed up in black, and he looks like he’s maybe ready for a Danger Room session.


Saints Row Boss Factory - Colossus

This might be my favorite of the three. It’s similar in style to the previous version, but this one’s got a little more detail in the clothing department. I especially like the chains on the boots. This is the work of RONINPANTERA.


Saints Row Boss Factory - Colossus

Because I managed to find a version of Mystique decked out in black and yellow, I figured I’d try to find a matching Colossus. And lo and behold, here’s one from user CUBA_Psycho.

Of course, if none of these are quite your speed, nothing’s stopping you from making your own. In fact, you can even use the above models as a starting point for your own creation.

So go wild, fellow X-fan, and have a blast in Saints Row Boss Factory!

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