Terra Nil

We’ve written about Terra Nil before here at Half-Glass Gaming. It’s a game that’s described as a “reverse city-builder,” because instead of creating a bustling civilization, you’re cleaning up in one’s wake.

You start out with a barren wasteland, then set up some wind turbines to get some energy flowing. Then you seed the land to return it to its previous lush state. Then you tear down your facilities so you can recycle them and move on to the next patch of wasteland and start over again.

This seems like a super-chill game to play, while also getting players to think about ecological conservation.

There’s currently no concrete release date, but the game is homing in on a 2023 launch on PC. If you’re interested in learning more about Terra Nil, head over to the game’s official website, or go to Steam and check out the new demo.

You can also check out the new gameplay trailer for Terra Nil below.

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