The Quarry

I’m a fan of horror and comedy. Cabin in the Woods was a favorite movie of mine for its genre-blending homage to classic horror movies and meta moments. Stranger Things owes a lot to several horror films and other classic ’80s movies. Zombie comedies like Shawn of the Dead explore some zombie tropes in a fun comedic setting. I love all of this stuff.

The Quarry seems to scratch that particular itch for me, at least based off the newest trailer. The game seems very cinematic with a narrative propelled by cutscenes that remind me of some of the classic horror-comedy genre-blend movies I love so much.

You can watch the official launch trailer here:

“This isn’t a ghost story,” says one character. “It’s a creature feature. It’s really happening, and you’re all in it.” There are other comedic moments shown in the trailer, like when another character says they need to call “ninety-one-one.”

This trailer doesn’t really say much about the actual gameplay, but another trailer was revealed last month that shows more.

The gameplay trailer has me even more interested for The Quarry, as it feels akin to Telltale’s The Walking Dead or Life is Strange in that you can make choices that impact the way that the story unfolds.

And there are some interesting ways to play this with your friends. You can choose an online co-op mode where people vote for each choice. You can have couch co-op where each player controls one character. You can set the story to have certain presets, like having every character live or every character die and you can just watch it like a movie. This is the kind of stuff that I find really exciting in narrative-based games.

The Quarry is out now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|X, and PC.

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