Way of the Hunter

Back in April, Half-Glass Gaming’s owner Josh was hopeful that the upcoming open-world hunting sim, Way of the Hunter, would be able to fill the Open-Country-shaped hole in his heart. I too was left wanting something to fill that very same hole after the disappointing launch of Open Country.

Admittedly, I did move on to theHunter: Call of the Wild, which was a perfectly serviceable hunting game, even though it lacked any real forms of survival aside from being able to collect a minimal amount of resources that you could spend fixing up dilapidated hunting blinds.

Unfortunately, as we learn more about Way of the Hunter, it doesn’t seem like this game will offer any of the survival or crafting elements that I think both Josh and I would love to see included. But it does look like a really well-made, polished open-world hunting game that could at the very least be relaxing to simply roam around in.

Thankfully, with the latest trailer for Way of the Hunter, we have a confirmed release date, and it’s just around the corner. Way of the Hunter is due out August 16, 2022 (my non-hunting mother’s birthday, of all days).

Way of the Hunter

The trailer doesn’t shed any more light on what one can expect from this game; it mostly just shows tracking shots of the gorgeous world and the incredibly realistic wildlife the player will be tasked with murder… er, um… hunting. It even seems like the player will be able to drive around in the truck shown off, as some moments in this trailer the trajectory of the vehicle is less smooth and a bit more herky-jerky than in other parts of the trailer.

If you venture over to the official Way of the Hunter website, there is a little more info to about the gameplay:

  • Dozens of strikingly detailed animal species with realistic behavior models for a truly immersive hunting experience.
  • Enjoy your perfect hunting adventure among friends in co-op mode.
  • Hunt like a pro with features that highlight animal signs, blood splatter analysis, and shot review with the rewindable bullet camera.
  • Realistic ballistics and bullet physics simulation.
  • Sophisticated natural animal animations and reactions when sensing the players presence.
  • A compelling story about the struggles of a family hunting business, and the rivalry and friendships that surround it.
  • Complex Trophy system generates unique antlers and horns based on multiple factors like fitness and age.

A lot of this seems pretty normal for any good hunting sim; in fact, most of this is stuff that theHunter: Call of the Wild already offers. Admittedly, the co-op aspect could be a cool feature, depending on whether or not players will be tethered to one another or can explore these large open-world areas freely. The hunting business story element also seems like a nice touch, perhaps giving a bit more context and purpose to the player instead of just, “Go there and kill such and such animal,” which is pretty much the level of depth to the story in theHunter: Call of the Wild.

Way of the Hunter

The features section of the Way of the Hunter website goes on to state:

This authentic hunting experience lets you explore and hunt in large open-world environments in the USA and Europe. Become the new owner of a hunting lodge nestled among gorgeous habitats and rich animal populations. Hunt with a premium selection of firearms and equipment. Enjoy the perfect hunt on your own or with a friend in multiplayer co-op.

And there’s another features list:

  • Strikingly detailed animal species with realistic behavior models
  • Two vast hunting territories with 55 square miles each
  • Realistic ballistics and bullet physics simulation
  • Animal signs and blood splatter analysis feature
  • Shot review with the rewindable bullet camera

It sounds like developer Nine Rocks Games and publisher THQ Nordic are shooting to deliver what might be the most-polished contemporary open-world hunting sim to date. And even if it doesn’t check any of the survival boxes that both Josh and myself might wish for, at the end of the day this sounds like a worthy timesink nonetheless.

You can check out the release date trailer below and gawk at how truly stunning Way of the Hunter looks. You can also pre-order a copy in anticipation of the game’s release on August 16, 2022, for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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