Hitman 3 - Ambrose Island

Today, Hitman 3 was updated to version 3.120. The most exciting thing about this update, of course, is the all-new Ambrose Island map, which takes place on a remote island and features something of a modern pirate theme. If you’re trying to play the story chronologically, this will actually take place between Whittleton Creek and Isle of Sgàil in the Hitman 2 campaign.

With a new map, of course, comes a whole host of Mastery unlocks. Ambrose Island mostly features variants of things already in the game, but the Bone Lockpick (a lockpick made out of bone) is kind of neat. Plus, the description for the new Emetic Gas Grenade is absolutely wild:

An unusual-looking emetic gas grenade. The active ingredient is a poison frog prepared and suspended in preservative fluid.

So, it’s so gross-looking that it makes people barf? Or does the poison frog element add a noxious scent? Either way, emetics are super fun (and ludicrously overpowered) in the Hitman games, so it’s great to see more variations on those (as weird as they may be).

And, like all Hitman 3 maps, this one adds a new suit that can be earned at Mastery Level 20. This time, it’s the Guerilla Wetsuit, a camo-pants variant of the Tactical Wetsuit.

Hitman 3 - Guerilla Wetsuit

And yes, you’d better believe that I’ve already updated my Hitman 3 unlocks mega-guide to reflect these new additions.

Aside from the new map, IO Interactive fixed a bunch of the still-lingering bugs, and a few of them were pretty interesting. Apparently, one of the guests on the Berlin map had a barcode on the back of his head, despite having nothing to do with the ICA — this was removed.

More importantly, IO is removing the restriction on Elusive Target Arcade that only allowed you to play contracts from the games you owned. Now, if you simply own Hitman 3, you can play Elusive Target Arcade contracts from Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2. This means these contracts will no longer be limited to a single game, which will give players a little more variety — though, considering how much IO is simply reusing the same targets for these contract batches, perhaps variety isn’t exactly the right word.

Either way, Patch 3.120 is a welcome addition to the World of Assassination Trilogy. You can read the full patch notes on the IO Interactive website.

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