Demon Throttle

Remember remember the fourth of November…

Okay, so the actual poem says the fifth, but the fourth of November is going to be extra special in 2022. See, it appears Demon Throttle will be getting a retail release that day.

“Wait, didn’t Demon Throttle already come out?” You might ask. And it did. In fact, here’s our review.

However, this release was handled by Special Reserve games, and limited to just 10,000 copies, which needed to be purchased while the pre-order window was open. That window has closed.

Demon Throttle

The thing is, folks are talking about Demon Throttle. It’s picking up steam. More people want it than were able to get there hands on it, so the only proper thing to do was to manufacture another batch.

As GoNintendo reported a couple weeks ago, the game is getting a retail release, which means more copies will be released into the wild. It will still be physical-only, but it will be less special, without the limited collector’s numbering. So if you do have a numbered copy (like I do), you’ve still got yourself something truly special — a piece of gaming history, even.

Now, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, November 4, 2022, seems to be the release date for this retail version of the game. Several retailers have this date listed, including Best Buy, Target, and GameStop. Sure, this could be a placeholder date, but the fact that all three retailers are using the same date, and it’s also not the end of the month (placeholder dates are commonly set to the last day of a month), this is probably legit. Probably.

I guess we’ll have to see if the November date holds, but either way, there is only one truly appropriate response to this news:

Demon Throttle - Sensual Moaning

Demon Throttle is absolutely incredible, and the more people who get to enjoy it, the better.

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