Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty developer Render Cube and publisher Toplitz Productions announced a roadmap for their pretty stellar medieval survival sim and settlement builder on July 1. According to the announcement’s Steam post, the team has been hard at work further fleshing out and improving Medieval Dynasty, which must have garnered a solid fan base by now and is currently on sale on Steam for 25% off the asking price.

And one thing in particular caught my eye: There’s apparently a console version in the works.

I personally enjoyed my foray into Medieval Dynasty, although I admittedly didn’t put in nearly as much time as I would’ve liked. Then again, that is the nature of covering video games sometimes — there is always something new on the horizon that must be covered, leaving little time to play much else for leisure. So the prospect of playing this on my couch via my PS5, without the need to fire up my PC rig at my desk, is a glorious one, to say the least. And considering the PC version already has mostly functioning controller support, I can only assume this port will be fairly well-implemented.

There is no firm release date aside from the blanket 2022 offered in the roadmap. Considering that we are already halfway through 2022, and barring any unforeseen delays, it shouldn’t be too much longer before the console versions will be available, which is bard-themed music to mine ears.

Update: The console release date is October 6, 2022.

There is no trailer or footage as of yet of Medieval Dynasty actually running on a console, but the PC game wasn’t super demanding, so I would expect the console port to look and play much the same with no hits to the graphics or framerate department. I guess only time will tell.

And speaking of Toplitz and their Dynasty games, Wild West Dynasty was also recently announced for PC, should you be interested in checking out what else the Toplitz dynasty has on the horizon.

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