No Man's Sky Endurance

With the world oohing and ahhing over the images from the Webb Space Telescope (which are honestly incredible), I’ve been thinking about checking in on my old friend No Man’s Sky lately. After all, I don’t have NASA’s money, so I have to do my space exploration digitally.

Lo and behold, there’s a brand-new update today. No Man’s Sky is now in version 3.94 via the Endurance update, which is designed to make freighters even more customizable, and space even more… well, spacey.

The main event here is the fact that freighters have been overhauled with more design options, which includes pre-designed rooms to play around with (though you can also create your own). You can now build on the exterior of your freighter, with catwalks and viewports that give you a good view of space.

No Man's Sky Endurance

And space looks better now, with more detailed nebulae and enhanced visual effects for things like black holes.

For me, though, it’s the quality-of-life features that are going to make the biggest difference. For example, there’s now an option to harvest all of the crops in a room with a single button prompt (though I’m not clear on whether that requires a specific type of room or not). Plus, when base building, you can now swap out one part for another, without deleting the part. This is great because it preserves the “snap” of the object, so you won’t have to realign parts when you swap them out for other parts.

And all of this comes with another expedition, called Polestar.

The update is out already, and you can check out the Endurance trailer below.

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