Stray - Mahjong

In Stray, there is a Trophy called Cat-a-strophe, which asks you to “Try to play Mahjong with the robots.” This is actually super easy, but it’s also super easy to miss.

In the chapter where you’re in the Antvillage (just after the sewers), your drone friend becomes a little despondent for a bit and refuses to interact with anyone. Once you’ve talked with Zbaltazar, however, it will perk back up and you can now start meeting the villagers.

There’s one section of the village where two robots are playing Mahjong, and all you have to do to earn this Trophy is jump up on the table. I’ve posted a video that will show you the exact path from Zbaltazar to the Mahjong table (though I make a few stops on the way).

Once you make a mess of the Mahjong game, you should pop the Trophy. And that’s how you earn the Cat-a-strophe Trophy in Stray!

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