The Tarnishing of Juxtia - Pointer Key

In The Tarnishing of Juxtia, way down at the bottom of the Siege Tunnels, there’s a locked door that can only be opened with the Pointer Key. Why is it called the Pointer Key? Well, because there are a bunch of statues pointing at the door.

In case you’re wondering, this door is located to the left of where you fight the Drowned Brother. Here’s exactly where it is on your map:

The Tarnishing of Juxtia - Pointer Key

Where is the Pointer Key?

Thankfully, the Pointer Key isn’t very well hidden. In fact, it’s hiding in plain sight, which means a lot of people pass it by without even noticing it.

To find the key, you’ll need to make your way to an area called the Courtyard, which is at the beginning of the War Wastes, just past where you fight the Drowned Brother. You must take a boat to get to this location, but you really can’t miss it — you’ll pass right through it eventually.

The Tarnishing of Juxtia - The Courtyard

In this location you’ll find several merchants, but the one you’ll likely run into first is Vikrim. He’s hanging out to the left of the Courtyard fountain.

If you talk to Vikram, he’ll offer to sell you the Pointer Key for 20,000 Souls.

The Tarnishing of Juxtia - Vikram

That’s kind of spendy, but there’s a good grinding spot to the right of the Courtyard. Here, you’ll find four enemies who, when killed, will drop a total of 1,300 Souls. You can run back to the fountain fairly quickly and do the whole thing over again. If you start from 0, this will take you 16 runs, which you can probably complete in less than 10 minutes total. It’s not a bad grind at all.

The Tarnishing of Juxtia - Pointer Key

Once you have the requisite Souls, you can purchase the Pointer Key, then head back to the door.

What’s behind the Pointer Key door?

The Tarnishing of Juxtia

Once you unlock the door, you’ll find a cliff with a yellow glow beyond it. If you make your way to the edge of the cliff, a light bridge will begin to appear. Follow the bridge (you will have to make a faith jump or two along the way) to the end, where you’ll see a giant golden egg that’s been broken open.

Here, you’ll find the Sunstruck Eggshell Blade.

The Tarnishing of Juxtia - Sunstruck Eggshell Blade

The item text reads:

A perfectly prismatic shard of broken shell, taken from Juxtia’s Birthplace. It glows from within, casting a myriad of colors around itself. A thousand years ago, the gods awoke in obelisks of obsidian, overlooking an endless sea of fog. Bound within their respective spires, they were all-powerful, and all alone.

And that’s how you find the Pointer Key in The Tarnishing of Juxtia.

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