So, I spent most of the day playing Stray today. Not only was I able to put up some guides on some of the game’s Trophies, but I also managed to completely decipher the game’s written code language. Well, mostly.

But after a very accomplished day of Stray playing, I ran into something that left me feeling a bit… unsettled?

I was running around in the slums, when I saw a weird thing in the middle of the road. I wasn’t sure what it was, maybe a glitchy piece of trash or something. It actually kind of looked like maybe it was the base of a tree, as if someone had wrapped a ribbon around the bottom of a tree and then the tree disappeared.

Stray - Mysterious Object

I didn’t think much of it. My cat character could walk right through it, so I figured it was just some weird game asset loading in that shouldn’t be there.

But I came back to the same location a few minutes later, and another mysterious item appeared. This one was a shawl of some sort, just hovering above that other thing I saw not too long before that… Which was now clearly some sort of bandage wrapped around this creature’s leg. But there was no creature, just the floating shawl and the leg wrap.


And is it just me, or is this thing freakishly tall?

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I’m pretty certain that it must just be a glitch. But could it be something worse than that? Is my game haunted?

It’s probably nothing, but I’m probably going to sleep with one eye open tonight…

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1 year ago

I just had this happen to me today. It’s clothing assets from a robot character who paces a circle through The Slums, but they didn’t get loaded in right. They pick something from the dumpster, walk around the block to talk to 2 others sitting against a building, then walk back around to the dumpster again, cycling forever. You can’t interact with them from what I can tell.

10 months ago

Me too

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