Final Fantasy XIV - Series 2 Underway

Series 2 of Final Fantasy XIV‘s new PvP reward system is here, offering several limited-time items for those who partake in the game’s PvP modes. I should point out that Series does not mean Season. A Season has its own set of rewards, and refers to player rank (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.)

A Series basically works like a Seasonal Pass (think the Outlaw Pass in Red Dead Online or the Battle Pass in Call of Duty). You earn Series XP by playing any PvP match (including Crystalline Conflict and Frontline), and that XP goes into leveling up the Series. At each level, there is a reward that you can claim.

How to claim your rewards

Final Fantasy XIV - PvP Profile

First up, you need to go to the PvP Profile section of the main menu (it’s filed under the Character tab). This will open up the PvP Profile window.

Final Fantasy XIV - PvP Profile

From here, you’ll want to click the “Series Malmstones” button. That opens up the rewards menu for the currently active PvP series.

Final Fantasy XIV - PvP Profile

This shows you a roadmap of all of the current rewards. To claim one, simply move the pointer to the reward you want to collect and press the action button (X on PS4/PS5). Note that you have to claim all previous rewards before you can claim one. So, for example, you must claim Levels 1-5 before you can claim 6.

Can you still claim rewards from Series 1?

Final Fantasy XIV - Series 2 Underway

You can still collect Series 1 rewards for as long as Series 2 is active. If there are any unclaimed Series 1 rewards, you will see an option to switch back to Series 1 so you can claim those. This will be a button that should show up in the upper left-hand corner of the Series rewards menu. Once those rewards are claimed, that option goes away.

Trophy Crystal Rewards

Every time you level up the series, you can collect 1,000 Trophy Crystals. There are 30 levels, and when you reach the end, there is one final rank that repeats over and over again so you can keep claiming Trophy Crystals for as long as you keep playing the series.

There are a couple exceptions, though. You won’t get Trophy Crystals at rank 6, 10, 15, 16, 20, or 25. The reason is because there are other rewards for reaching those ranks.

Level 6: Ballroom Etiquette – Taking Sides

Final Fantasy XIV - Spirit Emote

At level 6, you’ll get Ballroom Etiquette – Taking Sides, which unlocks the Spirit emote. This emote has your character shaking their fist in excitement.

Level 10: Azure Framer’s Kit

Final Fantasy XIV - Azure Framing Kit

At level 10, you’ll get the Azure Framer’s Kit. This gives you three new options for customizing your character portrait:

  • Azure Conflict Background
  • Azure Conflict Frame
  • Azure Conflict Emblem Accent

Level 15: Clockwork Cerulean Chaser

Final Fantasy XIV - Clockwork Cerulean Chaser

At level 15, you’ll earn the Clockwork Cerulean Chaser item, which unlocks the Clockwork Cerulean Chaser minion. This is a mechanical pet that flies in the air and will occasionally fly in circles around your character.

Level 16: Clockwork Crimson Chaser

Final Fantasy XIV - Clockwork Crimson Chaser

At level 16, you’ll earn the Clockwork Crimson Chaser item, which unlocks the Clockwork Crimson Chaser minion. This is basically a red version of the Clockwork Cerulean Chaser.

Level 20: Crimson Framer’s Kit

Final Fantasy XIV - Crimson Framing Kit

At level 20, you’ll earn the Crimson Framer’s Kit, which gives you three new options for customizing your character portrait:

  • Crimson Conflict Background
  • Crimson Conflict Frame
  • Crimson Conflict Emblem Accent

Level 25: Fylgja Horn

Final Fantasy XIV - Fylgja

At level 25, you’ll earn the Fylgja Horn, which allows you to summon the Fylgja mount.

Note: If you’re looking to collect some mounts and you’re not sure where to start, you should check out my complete mount roadmap for A Realm Reborn.

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